1ST DRAFT (PROFESSIONAL) FEEDBACK: The script is really ambitious with its different concepts crisscrossing with each other - giving us different flavors of historical, sci-fi and spy films all wrapped into one story. Futuristic concepts like the Elizabeth Swann and the A.I. Hal give off Treasure Planet vibes with Storm and his pioneering adventure mindset behind the helm. In addition to this, its really interesting to see Cleopatra as a character in the present day, and seeing how she would react/behave. The script also moves at a really efficient speed, not just in the grand scheme of things, but also in the little details scene-by-scene. We never spend too much time in one scene or one location, and just like a Mission Impossible or Indiana Jones movie, we're constantly jumping around the world. On a smaller scale, the pacing also works nicely for the action scenes. Moments like when Storm is fighting Panama, or fighting off hordes of people in his enhanced form are paced really well on the page, and incredibly easy to read. Action/adventure scripts like this will often fall into the trap of over-explaining the details in a scene to the point where the action will feel a little too weighted down and sluggish. Here, however, the action moves at a great rhythm, while still getting enough details in the action lines to really help us visualize the scene. See Chatbox responses.


'CLEOPATRA REBORN,' the ancient Egyptian ruler, queen of the Nile, is brought back to life, reincarnated by occultist egyptlogists




Aegean Sea - Plastic pollution, more litter than fish

Aegyptus - Roman province

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi - President of Egypt

Aboukir Bay - Mediterranean Sea, Egypt

Acidification of Mare Nostrum -

Actium - The Battle of, September 31 BC

AD - Anno Domini, in the year of our Lord

Adolf Eichmann - Nazi who escaped to South America (recaptured)

Adolf Hitler - Nazi Germany and the Third Reich

Albert Speer - Nazi minister of munitions and armaments

Afrocentrism - The blackwashing of Egyptian and European identities and cultural heritage, so altering the history of mankind 

Afterlife, The - Life after mortal death

Ahmed Saleh - Egyptian fisherman who discovers the location of Cleopatra's tomb

Akhenaten - Amenhotep IV, Egyptian Pharaoh 1353–1336 or 1351–1334 BC

Alexander the Great -

Alexandria - Cleopatra's palace, Lighthouse

Amazon Queen - Elizabeth Swann takes a jungle cruise - Graphic novel brief

Amenemhat III - Egyptian ruler who built the 6th tallest pyramid at Dashur

Amun-Ra - King of gods, creator earth and heavens

Ancient Egyptians -

Ancient Greeks -

Angelina Jolie - Proposed Cleopatra movie from 2013, rumored to be under development

Angels - What is the best media to invest in: Animation Vs Live Action or gaming

Ankh - Ancient Egyptian symbol for life eternal

Anne Franks - Diary of a young Jewish girl who was murdered in a Nazi concentration camp

Anthropogenic Age - Egypt, and the Mediterranean sea; the Cradle of Civilization

Antirhodos Island - Royal Portus Magnus, was in the inner harbour of Alexandria, featuring Cleopatra's Palace

Anubis - Ancient Egyptian god of death, protector of the afterlife and mummification

Archaeology - The study of ancient history

Ark, The - The world's largest DNA archive - Synthetic genetic engineering codex

Arsinoe IV - 63 to 41 BCE, youngest daughter of Ptolemy XII, sister of Cleopatra VII, Berenice IV

Artificial Intelligence - AI, super computers that mimic and are smarter than humans

Asp - Poisonous Egyptian cobra, suicide of Cleopatra in Mausoleum, Alexandria Palace

Assassination Plot - 20th July 1944, Wolf's Lair, plan to kill Adolf Hitler

Assassins Creed Origins - Ubisoft computer game set in Ancient Egypt with Cleopatra VII

Aten - Worship of sun disc, God Aton, and Atenism, promoted by Akhenaten

Athens - Piraeus, Greece

Atlantic Dash - John Storm and Dan Hawk load up supplies and head to Brazil, through Bermuda Triangle

Atlantis - Operation Neptune: The Lost City of Atlantis

Augustus - Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus

Auschwitz - Nazi Germany concentration camp

Back To The Future - 1985 time travel comedy adventure film series starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

Baron Heinrich Richtofen - Neo Nazi, Fourth Reich occultist

Battle of Actium, The - 2nd September 31 BC, Ionian Sea

Battle of the Nile - 47BC, Julius Caesar & Cleopatra VII Vs Ptolemy XII (died) & Arsinoe IV

Battle of Pharsalus - 48 BC, Roman civil war, fought in Greece

BBC News 10 May 2023 - Controversial Netflix docuseries, accused of Afrocentric blackwashing

BCI - Brain Computer Interface, what is it and how can it be used

Belsen - Nazi concentration camp for Soviet hostages and Jews

Berenice IV - Greek princess & Queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty, ruling Egypt 58–55 BC during political exile of Ptolemy XII

Bermuda Triangle - The Devil's area of Western North Atlantic ocean, USS Cyclops 1918, Flight 19 1945

BC - BCE, AD, meaning of these established points in the history of planet earth, Before Christian Era

BioCore™ - Biological human brain implant that allows wireless communications with computers

Blade Runner - 1982 film about biologically enhanced (synthetic) humans

Blood and Treasure - CBS actions adventure drama series

Blue Shield, The - International association for the protection of cultural heritage

Book of the Dead -

Book of the Living - Book of Life

Bourne Identity, The - Jason Bourne, CIA black ops, Treadstone, 2002 film starring Matt Damon

Bourne Legacy, The - Aaron Cross, CIA black ops, Blackbriar, 2012 film starring Jeremy Renner

Brisbane Times - April 2009, Radar reveals possible location of Cleopatra's tomb

British Museum - Cleopatra is a 17 year old mummy, daughter of Candace

Buchenwald - A concentration camp where Dr Joseph Mengele experimented on humans

Burial chambers - The areas in Pyramids where Egyptian Pharaohs were laid to rest

Canopus - Is an ancient Egyptian coastal town that sank into the Mediterranean sea with Thonis-Heracleion

Captain America - Steve Rodgers US super enhanced World War Two soldier frozen in ice for 70 years

Captain Nemo - The world's best autonomous AI navigation system

Caribbean Sea - A to Z of the West Indies island nations

CBC - News 21 February 2021 - Cleopatra outsmarted everyone - her tomb remains undiscovered

Charles Darwin - On Origins of species by Natural Selection, or Evolution

Charley Temple - Adventurous camerawoman and researcher

Chatbots - AI Kulo-Luna - AI Cleopatra's Mummy

Chief Constable Harold Hall - Metropolitan police, Scotland Yard

Chimpanzees - Why are they so much stronger than humans?

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency, US national security & covert (black) operations

Cleopatra Selene II - Daughter of Cleopatra VII, married Juba II, queen of Mauretania

Cleopatra V - Wife of Ptolemy XII, mother of Berenice IV, Cleopatra VII and Arsinoe IV

Cleopatra VII - Search for Tomb 2020 continues, Palace & Caesareum Temple

                   - 1963 film starring Elizabeth Taylor

                   - 1934 film starring Claudette Colbert, by Cecil B DeMille

                   - 1917 film starring Theda Bara (silent)

Climate Change - Boiling oceans and deserts as a result of increasing temperatures of planet earth

Cloning - A way of biologically replicating a living organism, including humans, science facts

           - Is it possible to clone a fresh human body from ancient Egyptian mummies? Yes, it appears so

           - Is it possible to replicate the pattern of thinking and memories of a human clone?

Compass, Holy - A to Z of the quest for knowledge and eternal life

Concentration Camps - A concept perfected by Kitchener, adopted by Nazi Germany at industrial scale

COP27 - Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, November 2022 - Climate Change Compensation Agenda - COP29

Cosmetics - Why did Cleopatra wear makeup and how do you achieve the iconic Hollywood cat eye look

               - Books on cosmetics and medicines

Count Dracula - The Earl of Arclaud's quest to find a cure for his wife's vampire like disease

Cradles of Civilization - Global spread and development of civilized man

CRISPR - DNA editing (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) genetic engineering molecular biology

Curse of Cleopatra - Many tombs are cursed by Pharaohs, as a warning not to disturb the remains of the dead

CyberCore Genetica - NanoComm's super computer, invented by William and Jane Bates

Dachau - A Nazi concentration camp

Danny Hawk - Gifted engineer aboard the Elizabeth Swann

DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - US military

Death On The Nile - 2022 film starring Kenneth Branagh, Armie Hammer and Gal Gadot

Der Führerbunker - Adolf Hitler's plan to rise again in the 21st Century

DGPS - Differential Global Positioning System

Dirty Harry - Chief Constable Harold Holland, Scotland Yard. Also known as 'Dutch.'

Djoser - Ancient Egyptian ruler who built the 9th tallest pyramid

DNA - John Storm's collection: The Ark

DSTL - Defence Science Technology Laboratory, British Ministry of Defence research facility - UK military

EGYPES - Egypt Energy Show, Cairo, 19th February 2024

Egyptology - The study of ancient Egyptian history

El Dekheila - Egyptian port 7 kilometers west of Alexandria

Elizabeth Swann - An advanced ship, bristling with marine sensors and the smartest onboard artificial intelligence

Elizabeth Swann - Development model @ 1:20th scale (2.4 meters from 48 meters full size trimaran yacht) 

Elizabeth Taylor - Cleopatra (1963) film

Enigma - Coding machines used to generate scrambled ciphers by Germany in WWII

Erwin Rommel - The Desert Fox, a German Field Marshal who fought in Africa and Egypt

EU Missions - Restore our rivers, oceans and waterways Horizon# European Union (Commission) targets for 2030

Eugenics - A Nazi programme for ethnic cleansing of their homeland, creation of a master race

Excalibur - Laser cannon onboard the Elizabeth Swann

Final Draft - Using the industry standard software to adapt a story to a graphic novel

Fourth Reich - 4th Nazi empire or realm

Franck Goddio - French marine archaeologist

Franco Francisco - An Italian scientist who perfects an artificial womb to enable rapid human cloning

Frankenstein - Mary Shelley's monster comes of age - Frankenstein Baron Victor VI

Gal Gadot - Plans for a new Cleopatra movie, BBC News 20 December 2020

Gas Chambers - Buildings the Nazis used to kill humans with poisons

General Sir Rodney Dunbar - MI6 military intelligence

Genome - The DNA sequence that determines who and what we are

Gestapo - Secret security police in Nazi Germany

Giza - Site of the tallest pyramids built by the Ancient Egyptians

Glen Godenho - Dr., archaeologist working at Taposiris Magna

Global Warming - Increasing temperatures are causing worldwide extinctions

Grave robbers - people who steal valuable artifacts and treasure, or human remains from a burial site

Greek City Times - Archaeologist claims to be close to finding Cleopatra's tomb, December 2021

Guantánamo Bay - US military prison on the island of Cuba

Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property 1954

Hal - The Elizabeth Swann is the world's cleverest autonomous AI ship

Harold Holland - Chief Constable, Scotland Yard, London

Hatshepsut - Egyptian Pharaoh queen 1507 - 1458 BC

Heinrich Himmler - Head of the Gestapo and mastermind of the "unwritten agenda that nobody would know about"

Herman Göring - WWI fighter ace, Reichsmarschall of the Luftwaffe

Hieroglyphics - The pictorial language developed by the Ancient Egyptians

Holocaust - The Genocide of 6 million Jewish people by the Nazis in World War Two

Holograms - Laser light generated 3D images, with computer generated directional audio: Hal


Horizon Europe - Calls for proposals to cure cancer

Horus - Ancient Egyptian god of the sky, represented by a falcon head

Hotel Transylvania - Animated horror comedy franchise, Columbia & Sony Pictures

Howard Carter - Egyptologist who discovered King Tut's tomb in 1922

Husani Hassan - A fairly elected President of Egypt (fictional)

Hwang Woo-Suk, Dr. - Innovative South Korean scientist famous for experimental research on animal & human cloning

Hydrofoils - Sub-surface wings that lift ship hulls out of the water to reduce drag and increase speed

Illuminatum Novus - Newly enlightened scientific society

Ilse Koch - 'The Bitch of Buchenwald,' know for her cruelty to prisoners and human experiments

Indiana Jones - 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark, set in Tanis, Egypt during World War Two, against the Nazis 

                    - 2023 film Dial of Destiny, a time travelling adventure, battling Adolf Hitler, starring Harrison Ford

Interpol - Illicit trafficking of cultural objects - Red Notices

Iron Cross - A German medal awarded for valour in the field of battle

Isis - Egyptian goddess of life

Jack Mason - CIA secret agent

James Bond 007 - The Spy Who Loved Me

Jean Yves-Empereur - Marine archaeologist, Director of Research, French National Research Center (CNRS)

Jesse Owens - African-American athlete who won 4 gold medal at the Berlin Olympics in 1936

Jesus Christ - Bible, New Testament, basis of Christianity, Crucifixion, Resurrection

Jobs - Illustrators, Colourists, Caption writers - opportunities for students and professionals

John Storm - Ocean adventurer, archaeologist and explorer

Joseph Goebbels - Minister of propaganda for Nazi Germany in WWII

Joseph Mengele - A Nazi doctor who experimented on humans, then escaped to South America

Julius Caesar - Roman General and Emperor of Rome

Jurassic Park - The original 1993 film about cloning dinosaurs for John Hammond's theme park

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom - A 2018 film based on the cloning of dinosaurs and humans 

Karl Donitz - Submarine Commander (the Admiral) in the German Navy during World War Two

Kathleen Martinez - Senior archaeologist devoted to search for Cleopatra's tomb

Karnak - Temples, most select of places, built at Thebes, modern day Luxor

Khafre - Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, builder of the 2nd tallest Pyramid at Giza

Khaled el Anani - Egypt's minister of antiquities and tourism

Khufu - Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, builder of the tallest Pyramid at Giza

King Edward VIII - British royal, Nazi sympathizer during World War Two

Klaus von Kolreuter - Human genome sequencing expert

Kulo-Luna - First of the John Storm adventures - story/screenplay, rated by AI Chatbots

Lady Gaga - Rumored to be interested in Cleopatra re-make

Lebensborn & Lebensraum - SS initiated, state registered association in Nazi Germany to raise the birth rate of Aryan children

Lighthouse of Alexandria - Pharos, Seven Wonders of the Ancient world

Livescience 27 July 2020 - Where is Cleopatra's tomb?

Luxor Temple - 

Macedonian Kingdom - Ancient Mediterranean history

Makeup - Why did Cleopatra wear cosmetics and how do you achieve the iconic Hollywood cat eye look

Mammoth DNA - Millions of years old in Siberian permafrost, extracted by scientists

Marjorie Boyle - Backpacker and Youtube blogger, Trinidad

Mark Antony - Marcus Antonius, father to three children by Cleopatra

Martin Borman - Head of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party and Hitler's private secretary

Media A to Z index - Reporters, journalists, what the papers & social or online publications are saying

Mediterranean Sea - Mare Nostrum, Wadj-Ur, He Thalassa, Acidification

Mein Kampf - A book written by Adolf Hitler about his political struggle and beliefs - banned in Germany

MI6 - British Military Intelligence, section six - secret agents and black ops counter espionage

Mission Impossible Franchise - Starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt

Mostafa Madbouly - Prime Minister of Egypt

Mostafa Waziri, Dr. - Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Antiquities, Ministry of Tourism

Movie Plot Outline - Cleopatra The Mummy

Movies - Films where Ancient Egyptian mummies are resurrected from the dead with the book of the dead

          - The Mummy 1999 

          - The Mummy 2017

Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo - The world's largest collection of Pharaonic remains

Mummies - Many cultures mummify their dead, for the same reason, to preserve the physical remains of an animal

Mummification - Preservation of the human body using spices, sealed jars and incantations

Mummipedia Fandom Wiki links - A comprehensive list of links to mummification

Mummy DNA - Scientific study of 90 mummies reveals Ancient Egyptians Middle Eastern ancestry Nature June 2017

Musa Bomani - Tomb raider

Musket Meloni - The richest man alive, World's first trillionaire






The Egyptian queen Cleopatra is given a second chance at life, when she is digitally reincarnated from her own mummy DNA



Cloning technology is developing apace, with computer speeds always on the increase. Making the assumption that Cleopatra took as much care about her demise, as she took over her appearance, costumes and cosmetics, it is possible that she knew how best to preserve herself, to be suitably preserved, for when the modern world was ready for her. That was not to be mummification in the conventional sense. But super mummification with sophisticated embalming and cleansing of the body, in preparation for ceremonial wrapping and immersion in ethanol and salt solution. The Pharaoh queen knew that Thonis was sinking into the Mediterranean. Conceivably then, she would have known to make her sarcophagus watertight. As her temple mausoleum was in a vulnerable location.





NanoComm super CyberCore Genetica computers

National Geographic & Disney - Lost Treasure of Egypt, TV documentary series 2021-2022 Episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

NATO - North Atlantic Treats Organization - Funding cyber warfare and super soldier research

Nazi gold - Treasure hunters of missing £20 billion pounds, sunken ships, uboats, buried trains, The Sun 2021

Nazi Party Politics - National Socialist Workers Party

Nefertiti - Egyptian Pharaoh queen 1370 - 1330 BC

Netflix - Jada Pinkett Smith and Adele James on black-washing Cleopatra's Egyptian-Macedonian history in TV docu-series

Network TV - Top ten writing tips and more

New Kingdom - Ancient Egypt

NeuWelt Rittertum - New World Knighthood, Secret Society aiming to save the planet

New World Order - The dream of stability and fairness, rising from strength to empower the people

Nick Johnson - British Minister of Defence (The Devil) MI6 head covert operations

Nile - The river that irrigates Egypt and much of Africa

NORAD - North American Aerospace Defense Command

Novus Illuminatum - A newy enlightened brotherhood of scientists dedicated to curing cancer, & alleviating poverty

Nubians - Southern Egypt, Northern Sudan area of Africa, Nile Valley, The Cradle of Civilization

Nuremburg Trials - Second World War prosecutions for crimes against humanity

Octavian - Augustus first Emperor of Rome, Caesar 63BC - 14AD

Orange Economics - Growth, UNCTAD, Creative arts, tourism, IP and technological innovation, trade & development

Original Concept - Exploring earlier notions involving reincarnation of Cleopatra VII

Osiris - God of the dead, judge of the underworld

Papyrus - Ancient Egyptian invention for writing books (of the dead) called scrolls, parchment and vellum

Pharaohs - Of Egypt

Philippe Bouhler - Nazi in charge of euthanasia programme Aktion T4 chemical exterminations

Ponzi Politics - Politicians and political parties that endorse fraudulent deceptions as party policies, to get elected

Piraeus - Athens, Aegean Sea ports 

Port Royal - Kingston harbour Jamaica, was destroyed by an earthquake & tsunami in 1692

Port Said - Egyptian city at the northern end of the Suez Canal

President Linc Truman - US Supreme military commander

Prophecy - It was prophesied that worthy royals would benefit from rebirth, and life cycle eternal 

Ptolemaic Kingdom, Greek Hellenistic Period of rule of Egypt begun by Ptolemy I Soter

Ptolemy XII Auletes - 80 - 51 BC, husband to Cleopatra V and father of Berenice IV, Cleopatra VII, Arsinoe IV 

Ptolemy XII Theos - 51 - 47 BC

Ptolemy XIV Philopator - 59 - 44 BC

Ptolemy XV Caesarian - Son of Cleopatra VII 47 - 30 BC, executed by Roman Emperor Augustus

Pyramids - A to Z index of the largest and tallest mausoleum structures in the world

Queen Elizabeth - As a young Princess, Balmoral, Nazi salute: 'Sieg Heil'

Queen of the Nile - 1961 movie starring Jeanne Crain as Nefertiti, Edmund Purdom and Vincent Price

Queen of the Nile - Cleopatra figurehead, Isis winged solar boat sculpture

Ra - The sun god, giver of life

Ramses I - First Pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty

Ramesses II - The Great

Red Notice - Netflix film about an antiquities thief who steal Cleopatra's eggs 2021

Reincarnation - Eternal life

Replicants - Synthetic, biologically engineered humans, bred as slaves

Robert Gurval - Professor of Classical Art & Literature UCLA

Roberto Ferrara - A Nazi spy working for the Secret Society in Rome

Romans - Fearful of Cleopatra being resurrected from the dead, ensured it would be a difficult task

Rome - The capital city of Italy and the Roman Empire

ROVs - Remotely Operated Vehicles, underwater robotic drones for ocean exploration & treasure hunting

Royal Barges -

Royal Tombs -

Rudolf Hess - Nazi responsible for Auschwitz (and other) concentration camps & human experimentation

Rudolf Kessler - German Egyptologist

Safiya Sabuka - Egyptian treasure hunter, occultist

Sam Hollis - Trinidad Bugle, reporter

Scooby-Doo - Where's My Mummy, animated feature film with Cleopatra

Scott Peters - Mystery Series of children's books about Egyptian Zet & Kat kid detectives: Amulet, Mummy, Scroll, Temple

Screenplay Index to Scenes - Cleopatra The Mummy V1 (New World Order locate and replicate Pharaoh's mummy

Selucid Empire - Founded by Macedonian general Seleucus I Nicator, reference Cleopatra Selene

Senuset I - Egyptian King, who built the tenth tallest pyramid

Serapis - Ancient Egyptian and Greek sun god, fertility and healing, also worshipped in Rome

Seti - 

Shaun Flanagan - Police sergeant, Scotland Yard

Ships Cat - Kitty (Katie)

Simon Wiesenthal - Nazi hunter

Skye Neville - Ten year old girl campaigns for Plastic Free Comics

Sneferu - Egyptian ruler who built the 4th tallest pyramid

Solar Ships - The royal boats or funeral barges are vessels that transports Egyptians in the afterlife across the heavens

Sophia Boutella - The Mummy in the 2017 film of the same name

Sphinx - The oldest monument in the world: The Great Sphinx of Giza

SS Schutzstaffel - Secret police protection squadron in WWII Nazi Germany

Stealth Technology - Survival and tactical military camouflage

Stem Cells - Using the biological building blocks to mechanically engineer complex body parts

Storms - Meteorological conditions that lead to high winds and waves at sea 

Susan Walker FSA - Archeologist interested in Roman and African history

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - The United Nations blueprint for a Circular Economy

Swastika - Ancient religious symbolism

Taposiris Magna - Egyptian temple

Tasers - Electroshock, Less-Lethal and Non-lethal compliance weapons

Telepathy - The ability to communicate by thinking, from one person to another

Thalidomide - Thought to be a Nazi drug that cause deformities in humans

The Boys From Brazil - Film (1978) a group of Neo Nazi war criminals try to clone Adolf Hitler'

The Da Vinci Code - Book and film, quest for the Holy Grail, by Dan Brown

The Holy Compass - Search for the Holy Grail, the Cup of Christ

The Inner Circle of Six - Nazi elite group with a top secret mission to re-establish research facilities in South America

The Mauritanian - True story of Mohamed Ould Slahi's detention in Guantánamo Bay - 2021 film

The Mummy - The physical remains necessary for reincarnation

The Sun - June 2020, Cleopatra's tomb: Sex, lies and secrets

The Ten Commandments - Cecille B DeMille's 1956 Biblical epic, Moses and the Exodus from Egypt

The Terminator - Arnold Schwarzenegger as the hunter killer cyborg sent through time to kill John Connor

The Third Reich - Adolf Hitler's attempt to create a New World Order with the WWII

Thebes (modern Luxor) - ruins along the banks of the River Nile

Timeline: 69 to 30 BC - Everything you wanted to know about Cleopatra VII

Thonis-Heracleion - An Egyptian/Greek port that sank off the coast of Egypt near Alexandria

Time Travel - It is possible to move through time to another age and technology using a cloning/replication package

Tomb Raiders - Thieves who search for archaeological relics to sell on the black market

Trademarks: UK0003966308 11th October 2023 in Classes 16, 25, 28, 41, 45 - Certificates January 2024 16, 25, 28, 41, 45

Treasure hunters - Can be archaeologists looking for knowledge or commercial antiquities dealers

Treasure Island - A John Storm adventure in search of Henry Morgan's pirate treasure in the Caribbean sea

Treblinka - Nazi extermination camp in occupied Poland

Tsunamis - Large ocean waves triggered by earthquakes, subsea tectonic plate movement and landslides

Tutankhamun - The boy king, Egyptian Pharaoh 18th dynasty new kingdom, tomb KV62 - Curse and mysterious deaths

TV - Six part series adaptation for network television

TV - Top writing tips for network television

UNESCO - Cultural heritage thefts, antiquities export & imports funding ISIS terrorism

United Nations' - Sustainability Development Goals Vs political corruption and Human Rights Declarations

USA TODAY - July 2018, opening of sarcophagus in Alexandria by Egyptian archaeologists

Underwater Photography Guide 2018 - Diving rediscovered Cleopatra's Palace

Userkaf - Egyptian ruler who built the 7th tallest pyramid at Saqqara

Valley of the Kings - (Arabic: وادي الملوك‎ Wādī al Mulūk) is located near Luxor, on the Nile's west bank

Vital Signs - Basic human body functions: Pulse, Breathing, Temperature, Blood Pressure

Vivien Leigh - 1945 film, Caesar and Cleopatra, George Bernard Shaw (play) adaptation

Wehrmacht - Nazi war machine, Army, Navy and Air Force

VFX - Visual Effects: CGI, computer generated images to reduce the cost of producing Cleopatra animations & live action films

Where is Cleopatra's tomb?

WHO - World Health Organization - UN body working to protect public safety & vulnerable citizens

Why the discovery of Cleopatra's tomb could rewrite ancient Egyptian, Macedonian & Roman history - Conversation 2022

William Shakespeare - Antony and Cleopatra (tragedy) published 1623

Winston Churchill, Sir - British Prime Minister during World War Two

Wolf's Lair - Hitler's bunker on the Eastern Front.

Wonder Woman - Curse of Cleopatra (Comic) Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 - Page 6

                          Page 7 - Page 8 - Page 9 - Page 10 - Page 11 - Page 12 - Page 13 - Page 14

World Heritage Sites -

World War ThreeCyber WW3III nuclear holocaust, Red Dragon and Operation Grand Slam

World War Two - The Second World War II, was a technological arms race from 1939 to 1945

Youtube - On Netflix and their Cleopatra 'documentary' drama series

Zahi Hawass - Releases Cleopatra VII Philopator Youtube documentary

Zahi Hawass - Senior Egyptologist who is looking for Cleopatra's mummy

Zyklon B - Poisonous pesticide used in Nazi gas chamber to kill Jewish prisoners in the millions





Cleopatra's suicide was a final act of defiance against Rome and Octavian, a symbolic gesture that has survived the sands of time, made all the more potent by the bite from a poison asp, as the means of departure. A major blow to the PR intended by the Emperor's conquest of Egypt.




Cleopatra's suicide was a final act of defiance against Rome and Octavian, a symbolic gesture that has survived the sands of time, made all the more potent by the bite from a poison asp, as the means of departure. A major blow to the PR intended by the Emperor's conquest of Egypt and vanquishing of Mark Antony at the Battle of Actium.





Cleopatra's underwater mausoleum is slowly uncovered        Marine archaeologists enter the mausoleum and find Cleopatra's sarcophagus



CLEOPATRA'S TOMB UNDERWATER - John Storm having located the Queen of Egypt off the coast of Alexandria, archaeologists set about preserving the site. The work is much more difficult underwater.




Cleopata is raised from the dead, using the DNA from her mummy        Cleopatra is clone replicated from her mummy, in the 21st century        Cleopatra being mummified wrapped in bandages while still alive, or representative of the afterlife, waiting to be reborn



CLEOPATRA REPLICANT - Using the latest technology in computer synthetic genome mapping and digital DNA splicing, an occult sect of scientists, reincarnate Cleopatra VII, who died in 30BC, having located and plundered her sarcophagus from its watery grave. The resurrected Pharaoh, last Queen of Egypt, has to mesh with the modern world she's been reborn into, where a New World Order, a Fourth Reich occultist sect, harbour evil plans for her. 




Cleopatra and Frankenstein, the rebirth of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Baron Victor as the father of the reincarnated Queen



CLEOPATRA VS FRANKENSTEIN - The 3rd original adaptation of the reincarnated mummy theme, is one of the John Storm series of ocean adventures. John, as a Blue Shield operative, surveys the sunken city of Alexandria recently disturbed by earthquake, and finally finds Cleopatra's mummy. Swiss Professor Dr Krafenstein (Wealthy Baron Victor Frankenstein VI under his assumed name) working in Zurich has secretly developed a technique for replicating humans, made possible having purchased the CyberCore Genetica™ from William Bates (Billy the Kid). The Professor, along with others have refined a CRISPR virus that enhances human DNA, having surpassed known cloning techniques. This cohort have also perfected an organic chip, that interfaces with the brain called BioCore™. Professor Krafenstein persuades John Storm to supply a sample of Cleopatra's DNA, for the ETH University to run further investigations as to Macedonian lineage.





The concept of Cleopatra’s mummy being discovered and cloned is imaginative and innovative, as it can be developed in different ways and offer new perspectives on the ancient queen and her legacy. For instance, one could explore the ethical, political, and cultural implications of cloning an ancient ruler in the modern world. How would Cleopatra react to the changes in history, technology, and society? How would the world react to her presence and claims? What would be her goals and motivations? What challenges and conflicts would she face? These are some of the questions that would (and will) make a compelling story based on this original concept, first recorded as generated in 2003.



DEFIANT TO THE LAST - Cleopatra knew Octavian would renege on his promises to allow her to be interned according to her wishes. She thus confided in her most trusted entourage, to prepare her mortal remains, in the hope of being reborn, and becoming useful to future scientists. She was to be relocated to her secret mausoleum, right under the noses of her Roman captors, and preserved. She declared by Royal degree that her body be dedicated to high level medical researches and historical scribes, for posterity. With particular emphasis on regeneration. She believed in life after death, and that her knowledge and experiences would benefit mankind in the future. She made it plain that she wanted to be reborn, to live again. 




Cleopatra The Mummy, graphic novel cover art - Copyright June 2022, Cleaner Ocean Foundation

The Baron Richthofen and his clever scientists rencarnate Cleopatra from the dead



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