K I T T Y  C A T  (K A T I E) - S H I P S  M A S C O T



Kitty Kat, Katie the ships cat, who loves fishing, looking for mice



Kitty-Kat, Katie the ships cat








Katy-Cat, or Kitty-Cat, is the ships mascot. An exceptionally well behaved pet that lives onboard. Katy has her own bunks in the helm and aft cabin, and takes great delight in fishing from the Elizabeth Swann's stern. 

John adopted Katie-Cat, when he found her as a stray, prowling in and around the hangar at Nelson's Cove, Australia. The adorable feline took an instant shine to John. Soon after, she would be seen waiting in the compound waiting for her new friend to return. She would meow for many minutes, every time John locked up the boat shed, got in his Jeep, and drove away.

They developed a bond, where 'Katy' would follow John around as he worked. Then one day as John and Dan were taking the Elizabeth Swan out for trials, the striking tabby, jumped onboard. Scampering into the rear cabin.

Katy is a tabby, descended from the Mau temple cats of Ancient Egypt.

The two men could not find it in themselves to eject her, since the planned cruise was short. She was allowed to accompany them.

Strangely, Katy, took to the ship like butter on toast. She sat quietly in the spare helm position, watching the ocean scene. Purring all the while, to have her new companions. It soon became customary to call 'Kitty' when going out for a spin on the waves. No need, because Katy was always ready. The crew almost tripping up on their feline passenger, as she rushed to be involved in the next adventure.

Then, one day John and Dan discovered Katy sitting on the central hull astern. They wondered what she was up to, because cats are known to hate water. They watched fascinated, as Kitty pulled a sizeable bright silver fish from the water. Then, proceeded to eat some of the meat raw, turning to acknowledge her master, as John and Dan could not stop laughing at her antics. At that, she brought the rest of the Australian dhufish to John, placing at his feet.

"Hold on a mo," said John, "isn't that a Dhufish?"

"Not sure," Dan replied. "Looks like a Perch to me."

They took the fish into the galley, and prepared it rather in a rush, just taking off a couple of fillets. Dhufish are more commonaly found in western Australian waters. The fillets went into a pan with some butter, and a couple of minutes later, the duo had polished off the impromptu meal, with huge smiles on their faces. 

"Wow, that was good".

Dan enjoined, "sure was, tasty, succulent and satisfying. Well done Katy."

Katy came back into the galley, when John gave her some of the cooked scraps. Which Katy devoured with relish. And that was how Katy learned that if she caught fish and gave them to John or Dan, that they gave it back to her as an even tastier meal. Though, she'd still eat fish raw.









Once or twice, Katy had been dragged off the rear hull, when her enthusiasm landed her with something bigger than she'd bargained for, and the fish pulled her into the water. The bedraggled feline would scurry back onboard, whining loudly, until she'd licked herself clean and dry. She soon learned not to try to land anything too big.

On another memorable occasion, the Swann had docked for long enough, that with her bulkhead doors open, a mouse had scampered onboard. Not long after, the ship took to the waves, when John and Dan noticed that Katy would not budge from the galley area. Sitting, staring intently at the seating around the dining table, where a couple of empty boxes had been discarded, ready to be pulped.

The skipper and mate watched with interest, realising that she was in hunting mode. They remained quietly just outside, not wanting to distract the huntress. When, all of a sudden, Katy pounced, coming from under the table with the helpless rodent in her mouth.

She then placed the mouse at John's feet. 

"No Kitty, we don't cook mice."

John picked up the dead mouse, thanked Kitty with several strokes, and threw the animal into the sea. "Good girl. Good Girl. Well done Katy-Cat."

With that he rewarded his faithful friend with some delicious cat biscuits. And, Katy purred as she devoured one of her favourite snacks.

From that point on, John knew if any stray pests did board the Swann, they were in for trouble.







Katie dreaming about fish supper






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