N E U W E L T   R I T T E R T U M


Third Reich, Eagle on Swastika



The NeuWelt Rittertum (New World Knighthood), see the innate corruption, in the refusal to harmonize their economies with the natural world - a feature of virtually every member nation of the UN, as being one of the main reasons for planet earth being in a crisis state, with global warming and pollution levels that threaten the proper functioning of a fair society, the safeguarding of flora and fauna, to make planet earth stronger, and more able to fend off extraterrestrial threats (should that ever come about).


They simply want to put their collective houses in order on the mother-planet, rather than the father-land. A task they see as virtually impossible in the present political realm. Where mass extinctions are taking place, and nobody is doing anything about it.


In addition, the 'Society' (Fourth Reich) aim to search for, and if possible, to colonize other worlds, if that may be practical - and export selected species, by way of perpetuating 'Life On Earth,' should their mission to cleanse politics of corruption at base camp fail.







CORRUPTION CLEANSING - Cleopatra is brought back to life after 2,000 years, the world's first true time traveler, to help NeuWelt heal the earth of their economic corruptions; the kleptocratic ambitions of many world leaders - that will ruin the mother planet and kill much of the animal kingdom, if left unchecked.





The NeuWelt Rittertum is a secret society, a faction of like minded futurists and thought leaders. Many of which are extremists in their specialized scientific fields and/or beliefs. But they are all outstanding performers who get the job done. Far more advanced than their contemporaries, leaders in the technological race for advancement.


They see religion and religious beliefs, especially the mystical and occult as powerful weapons in their armoury. Focusing on Egyptian purity of thought and purpose. With those who have gone before, being powerful allies and tacticians, and manipulators of the masses to a common cause.


When the 'Society' are presented with the possibility of replicating one of the brightest Ancient Egyptian stars, with cloning and replication technology the 'Rittertum' have developed. They leap on it. Finding Cleopatra VII's tomb and cloning her, is a demonstration that the world will have to acknowledge as outstanding. Not only in the biological reproduction technology, but also in the evolutionary enhancement of homo sapiens. All of this moving forward the theories of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany (Aryanism) being the master race. Even though the Fuhrer himself, did not fit that mould.









The NeuWelt Rittertum, under the lead of the Baron Heinrich von Richthofen, have trodden a technological path to supremacy, looking to advance their cause via the infiltration of political ranks, conventionally and legally, with enhanced candidates - the inevitable result of the superior mental and physical abilities of their biologically superior human production line.















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