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The Scott Peters Mysteries series books collection






12-year-old Zet is supposed to be helping out at his family pottery stall. But how can he focus when there are mysteries to be solved? Like his latest problem: there's a mummy in town that's haunting the streets at night. Why won't it leave Zet's dusty, ancient civilization in peace? By the beard of Osiris, this new case is destined to throw Zet into serious hot water. Still, he can't help himself. A run-in with the Royal Mummy Maker reveals the strange secrets of mummification. But will it be enough to unwind this puzzling mystery? Zet wants answers. Then again, what kid wouldn't? He'll have to think fast if he wants to rid ancient Egypt of crime. Can Zet unwrap this tangled tale and still make it home for dinner?


There were four books in the 'Mystery' series, but we've included The Secret of the Egyptian Curse, because it has a kindred theme.




He's a daring young detective. But not when a mummy's hunting him down! Can he return it to its sarcophagus, before it scares off every customer at his family pottery stall? From award-winning author Scott Peters, creator of over 300 museum and science center exhibits worldwide, comes the adventure of a lifetime.


Zet is a spunky 12-year-old who lives in ancient Egypt and loves solving mysteries. But how does a detective stop a mummy that's haunting his doorstep? Soon, a rumor is zipping around town that Zet and his 11-year-old sister, Kat, are cursed! When customers start avoiding their family pottery stall, the siblings set out to unravel this mummy-mystery, fast. If they don't, their family business will be ruined.


The hunt for answers sends the spooked young duo paddling up the Nile on a wild mummy chase. A run in with the Royal Mummy Maker reveals the gruesome secrets of mummification. But will it be enough to stop the monster from spooking away their customers?


Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy is the fourth book in the irresistible Kid Detective Zet middle grade mystery series. If you like brave kids, family-friendly humor, and fun crime solving, then you'll love Scott Peters' fast-paced mystery. Get Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy and join Zet and Kat as they solve crime in mysterious Ancient Egypt! Mummy Bonuses!- Includes 10 fast mummy facts! - Common-core study guide questions at: What people are saying: My 10 year old is a resistant reader and found these series of 4 books caught his attention so much so that he wanted to read all of them.


CPBNY I hope you write more of these books because they are really awesome they are filled with mysteries and are really interesting. once i pick one of these books up i cant stop reading. - Amazon Customer Awesome. I am a ten year old obsessed with Egyptian civilization and this book has a lot of information along with the adventure story. I could actually visualize the old Egypt the writer described. - Domyown This spooky mystery for kids age 9-12 is perfect for Halloween! For fans of: - Geronimo Stilton - Scaredy Bat - Mummies in the Morning - Scooby Doo - Legend of the Star Runner - Zombie Reconstruction Squad - You Wouldn't Want To Be An Egyptian Mummy - Summer of the Woods - The Secret Lake

Title: MYSTERY OF THE EGYPTIAN MUMMY: Adventure Books For Kids Age 9-12 
Author: Scott Peters ISBN 10: 0985985291
Publisher: Best Day Books For Young Readers ISBN 13: 9780985985295
Published On: 2018-04-21 SKU: 6545-9780985985295
Binding: Paperback Language: english

ISBN-13 780985985295
eBay Product ID (ePID) 21046615544
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Genre: Children & Young Adults
Number of Pages: 124 Pages




Mystery of the Egyptian Amulet

Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy

Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll

Mystery of the Egyptian Temple

Secret of the Egyptian Curse











Scott Peters has always had a fascination for all things ancient Egyptian. Before retiring to focus on writing, Peters created over 300 museum, science center and theme park installations for such places as the Smithsonian, the Washington Children's Museum, Walt Disney World and Paramount Pictures. Peters helped design an interactive TV show for the Nickelodeon Channel. The author's true passion is writing exciting books that take readers back in time to ancient Egypt - a land that the world has never forgotten.







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