W O R L D   W A R   T H R E E





Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, started WWII






The Third World War is always a possibility on the horizon of political instability, fostered by banks and governments that are essentially controlled by banks, underpinned by nothing more than printed paper promises - that they know when printing them, are impossible to redeem: they are a fraud.


The exception is gold. Investing in gold while an unstable paper based economy is in a nose dive, or when preparing for war, is one way of readying for the worst.


Before governments were allowed to lie on paper (including digital money based on paper currency) there was the Gold Standard. Silver also got a look in, but gold was the backstop for reserves. That valued the real worth of a country.


It is the duty of every citizen on planet earth to do all they can to avert World War Three. Any faction that resorts to force, to seek to persuade others to their point of view, have already lost the intellectual battle. The use of force includes unprovoked acts of terrorism, and aggression against another nation, such as invading their long established borders.


It is of course legal to counter illegal uses of force, with force. Provided that when when the illegal use of force is quashed and the perpetrators apprehended, with reparations where appropriate, that the force used to stop the illegal acts also ceases. Save to preserve the peace. At which point, a peaceful administration may be installed.




The Baron von Richthofen and his followers are pursuing an agenda aimed at creating a Fourth Reich, designed to head off WW3, as a long term objective, based on superior intellect and physical attributes, as a more gentle lead into a New World Order founded on sustainability. Their vision of a Fourth Reich, or New World Order (Neuwelt Rittertum), is a think tank of superior intellects, who are protected from unprovoked acts of terror or invasion, by virtue of their physical superiority. To be used defensively and for survival purposes only. Not for acts of First Blood aggression.


Having learned from Adolf Hitler and World War Two, that force may not be the best way of achieving a Utopian society, China became the expert on usurping the world softly, using financial incentives, preferential loans and selling cheap goods to a greedy free world. Who were so blinded by profits and economic growth, that they did not realise they were being snake charmed.


The communist CRINKs were working together to weaken their NATO enemies. It started when Russia annexed Crimea, then invaded Ukraine.










China had built up a $170bn (£135bn) stockpile of gold after a record buying spree, in a move that has raised fears Beijing were preparing its economy for a possible conflict over Taiwan. The Baron had read the signs correctly.

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) bought 27 tonnes of gold in the first three months of 2024, taking its reserves to a record high of 2,262 tonnes, according to data from the World Gold Council.

China had been buying gold steadily since October 2022, marking its longest build up of the precious metal since at least 2000. The 17-month streak has increased its gold reserves by 16pc. Gold in 2024 was trading near a record high of $2,343 per troy ounce, valuing Beijing’s stockpile at $170.4bn. Not enough to cover the debts of Evergrande, where foreign investors will have lost their shirts, to the benefit of Chinese owners and Chinese infrastructure.


China embarked on the building of nuclear bomb shelters, which are absent in Europe, USA, Canada and South America. Save for Switzerland, boasting 365,000 bunkers for their 8.6 million population.

Experts were saying China’s stockpiling of gold was an effort to guard its economy against Western sanctions in the event of a conflict over Taiwan.











China is a CRINK. Part of the axis: China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. The CRINKs are allegedly communist nations working together against the interests of the democratic free world. They trade cheap oil and goods to build up their weapons arsenal, in what is more than just a Cold War. It is an open threat to NATO allies.

China declares itself to be a People's Republic. But is in fact might be considered a dictatorship, until there are genuinely free elections and real human rights. Dictatorships and state controlled media, are the warning signs. The Baron discovered China and Russia were desperately trying to hack into his research facility in Brazil.


It came as something of a relief that he was able to purchase NanoComm's CyberCore Genetica. Only because his technicians had fought off the repeated hacking attempts. And failed to realize the immediate value for doing good. They also believed, mistakenly, that their experts could replicate the technology in short order.

Then China signaled it was readying to deploy the economic "nuclear option" and strategically devalue the yuan as Beijing ramped up the purchase and stockpiling of commodities. These moves told all. Prompting analysts to suggest the People's Republic of China (PRC) was preparing for "something major" in a desperate bid to rescue their economy from a very rocky patch.

Steno Research Cep Andreas Steno Larsen was quoted as saying: "China is preparing for something major. That seems increasingly obvious judging from the stockpiling of important resources. Could it be that they are preparing a major one-off devaluation of the CNY?"

The devaluation of the Chinese yuan would indeed likely boost trade, resulting in even cheaper goods as apparent competitiveness but would also cause a considerable economic upset on a global scale - as the trap was set - in preparations for a global conflict, when seen against their military build up.

By accumulating a variety of resources such as oil and gold this would allow Beijing to retain bargaining power as well as help stabilise the economy from the potential threats devaluation would cause - including inflation - as happened just before WWII. Leading up to and following WWIII. This was their plan. A deliberate agenda, negotiated with the axis CRINKs.

Economists had initially attributed Beijing's efforts to diversify from the US dollar to the lessons learned in the aftermath of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, when all major investors pulled out to avoid the impact of sanctions.

China had grown closer to Russia since the start of the war - and has been repeatedly accused of providing vital raw materials and resources to Moscow's war machine after it lost access to Western suppliers. Including purchasing Russian oil.




Vladimir Putin threatens use of nuclear weapons during his war with Ukraine, NATO responds by building up their conventional weapons and spending more on defence.



Vladimir Putin attempts to start WWIII




We are on the brink of WWIII. The free world seemed blinkered to obvious solutions, proffered by John Storm. Such as not to purchase fossil fuels from the CRINKs. And that included India, who was refining oil and supplying to the West to defeat sanctions aimed at stopping Russian's illegal aggression in Ukraine. Thus, India under Narendra Modi, was to be treated as a proxy CRINK. Then Modi was eliminated and refining ceased.

John kept on lobbying, urging the the manufacture solar panels and batteries in NATO countries, as a peace move. To quickly install wind farms and speed up the infrastructure necessary for EVs and green hydrogen for FCEVs, and ICE vehicles to run on methanol.

Onboard the Elizabeth Swann, Dan Hawk and Hal had calculated that World War Three would be a war to eradicate extremist dictators. Meaning communism and religious dictators who were funding proxy wars, against the free democratic world. Hal had run a sequence that concluded that if there was going to be a nuclear exchange, NATO might as well eradicate all of these evils in one fell swoop. The survivors of any nuclear holocaust might then build on the ashes of evil, for a sustainable future, where it would be illegal for politicians to lie. John was not happy about the loss of billions of human lives. Could he do anything to prevent a thermonuclear holocaust.


Enter Honest Johnson. A politician who did not lie.















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