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In our 'Cleopatra The Mummy' fictional adventure, the former Queen of Egypt is digitally reincarnated, and catapulted into a new world rife with technological achievement, much admired, the same as her rescuer John Storm, and his amazing ship, the Elizabeth Swann. Cleopatra shares John's conservationist views. Especially when she learns that the Elizabeth Swann is solar and hydrogen powered, not needing any slaves to propel the vessel. Her world not being saturated with fossil fuel fumes from internal combustion engines in 30BC, such abominations being alien concepts to the Egyptian way of life, being both unhealthy to human respiration and polluting to the atmosphere.





Fossil fuel companies the world over lobbied hard, employing professional spin doctors to fool the electorate, so that their coal, gas and oil company employees could keep on making big bucks.


Automobile companies and electricity utilities carried on as if nothing was wrong. They did not produce the vehicles needed for zero emissions, or install the infrastructure necessary for an economy based on renewable energy.


Governments are to blame for allowing this to happen. Fostering policies of growth, where the natural resources of the planet were being used at the rate of 2.4 times what the earth could sustain. But our politicians did not care enough to rock the boat, even denying global warming, calling it a hoax.


The proof of all of this is that the ice caps are melting, raising sea levels, while previously agricultural land is being turned into deserts at an alarming rate.







The ancient Egyptians flourished based on an agricultural civilization that was a circular economy, so long as the invading Romans did not steal their grain for their own kleptocratic empire building, by way of taxing Egypt and claiming the kingdom as part of Rome. Thus, enslaving Cleopatra and her people. Her suicide may be taken as the ultimate act of civil disobedience, demonstrating her disdain for being used for political gain by Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome.





The burning of fossil fuels and farming of livestock to feed a growing population is creating greenhouse gases that are insulating the earth, and so raising the temperature, such that forest and house fires are on the increase.






CHAPTER 1.   THE POISON ASP - Overwhelmed by grief, Cleopatra poisons herself with a cobra bite in her mausoleum

CHAPTER 2.   WRATH OF THE GODS - The destruction of Thonis and Alexandria

CHAPTER 3.   NEW WORLD ORDER - A Neo-Nazi plan to regenerate Aryan supremacy

CHAPTER 4.   CYBERCORE GENETICA - Nano computer technology is purchased at an auction by a religious sect

CHAPTER 5.   INCUBUS - Franco Francisco accepts offer of employment from Roberta Ferrara

CHAPTER 6.   SPLICE - Klaus von Kolreuter perfects a method of gene manipulation

CHAPTER 7.   TREMORS - Cleopatra's tomb lay lost for centuries, until shift in the tectonic plates trigger tremor off the coast of Alexandria

CHAPTER 8.   PANAMANIAN RUNNING MAN - Marjorie Boyle videos exceptionally fast athlete, Sam Hollis investigates

CHAPTER 9.   AMAZON QUEEN - Elizabeth Swann navigating river and docking at Manaus

CHAPTER 10. TOMB RAIDERS - Safiya Sabuka and Musa Bomani dive among sifting sands to discover precious artifacts and golden treasures

CHAPTER 11. SCOTLAND YARD - London's secure DNA database is stolen

CHAPTER 12. OPERATION ALEXANDRIA - Neo-Nazi occultists recover Cleopatra's sarcophagus from underwater tomb near Palace

CHAPTER 13. KIDNAP - Charley is taken prisoner, John, Dan and CIA rescue her

CHAPTER 14. UNESCO - Catholic Church fear grave desecration heritage theft, asks agencies for help. Interpol issue Red Notice

CHAPTER 15. REPLICANT - The Society reproduce Cleopatra using Francisco's RepliVator™, uploading synapse sequence, implanted memories

CHAPTER 16. FULL STEAM AHEAD - To Thonis, then uses the Swann's AI sensors and the Ark database to find tomb has been plundered

CHAPTER 17. RITUAL SACRIFICE - The Baron prepares a drugged Cleopatra for ceremonial impregnation

CHAPTER 18. SANCTUM INTERRUPTUS - John finds Nazi hideout near Alexandria, disturbs ritual - rescues Cleopatra, arresting conspirators

CHAPTER 19. THE CHOSEN ONE - The reincarnated Cleopatra falls for her rescuer. John comes under her spell, despite her being a replicant

CHAPTER 20. MILITARY INTERVENTION - Military detain Cleopatra for stakeholders, despite media & medical protests. Storm distraught

CHAPTER 21. DÉJÀ VU - History repeats itself, military lock up technology as gross violation of human rights, John left disillusioned






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