T H E  E L I Z A B E T H  S W A N N




Suggested artwork as part of a study for the Egyptian theming of the Elizabeth Swann (or Cleopatra VII Queen of the Nile)



Suggested artwork as part of a study for the Egyptian theming of the Elizabeth Swann (or Cleopatra VII Queen of the Nile)






The Elizabeth Swann is thought to be the fastest solar & hydrogen powered ship in the world, at the time on these adventures.


The secret to her incredibly high performance makes her the subject of a lot of espionage attention from industrialists who are looking to understand the technology that makes her so fast. To the point of trying to steal it.


The other attraction for pirates, and anthropologists, like the Neo-Nazis in this story, is the onboard DNA database - that has taken John Storm much of his young, and all of his adult life to collect. This is called The ARK. It is a secure server that is protected from would be thieves.


In suitable conditions, the Swann can deploy hydrofoils, to partially lift the trimaran hull out of the water, to take the vessel to the next level of rapid ocean transits. This is particularly useful when crossing the Atlantic, the Caribbean, and Mediterranean seas. But only in relatively calm conditions.


Fortunately, the Swann has inbuilt AI to protect the ship and her crew. The supercomputer that navigates the autonomous vessel is called Captain Nemo, after Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The AI that thinks like a human, is called Hal, after 2001 Space Odyssey. The difference being that 'Hal' works with the ship's owner(s). Rather than against him/them. See Skynet in the Terminator series, that worked to eliminate humans.


Hal and Captain Nemo work together. For example, the Swann has an array of underwater sensors to enable the ship to survey the ocean floor, and detect objects in the sea, including flora, fauna and marine litter. This is another of the Swann's useful features, especially as John Storm is an adventurer, who is interested in sunken civilizations. Innerspace, being his favorite exploration medium. As well as one he excels in.


The Elizabeth Swann is more than capable of taking care of itself, including anti-piracy measures, that make it very difficult for intruders who are silly enough to board her without authorization.




A very Egyptian design of solar powered ship.


Very Egyptian design, and being solar assisted (sun powered), the media soon soon dub the vessel: Queen of the Nile. John soon gives in to Cleopatra's artistic talents, allowing the for queen of Egypt to express herself in the state rooms, on the stern and figurehead.




The Swann also has a human captain who can handle himself, as can his crew and many of his friends.

The Swann is an advanced trimaran with a large solar array that is articulated. The ship has powerful electric thrusters. The core technology is a special fuel cell that is super-efficient, and can convert many different compounds of hydrogen into energy. This system was invented by Professor Douglas Storm. The hybrid fuel arrangement works well with the solar collectors.


The Elizabeth Swann is the only ship in the world with variable stealth technology, via an "active hull." She can reduce her radar footprint in two ways. 1. By changing the angle of her solar wings to deflect detected radar intrusion. 2. By lowering her hulls into the sea, to reduce apparent freeboard. Other navy 'stealth' vessels have passive hulls. They cannot change their visibility factor in combat. Hence cannot be visible one minute, and invisible the next.


The Elizabeth Swann's previous adventure was helping John Storm to save the giant humpback whale called 'Kulo Luna.'


In helping John and his crew detect underwater relic plundering, the Swann's amazing array of sensors and instruments makes the ship invaluable to law enforcement agencies. Provided they can talk John into working with them.















... ...

Abdullah Amir

Middle eastern marine captain

Ahmed Saleh - Port of El Dekheila

Fisherman who finds location Cleopatra's tomb

Ark, The

Interactive DNA database

Captain Nemo

Interactive autonomous navigation system

Charley Temple

Adventurous researcher & cameraman

Cleopatra, last Pharaoh queen of Egypt reborn

The reincarnated Mummy

CyberCore Genetica

Nano super computer, world's fastest

Dan Hawk

Electronics wizard & 2nd mate E. Swann

Dr Roberta (Bobbie) Treadstone

Blue Shield ocean division, Newcastle Uni

Elizabeth Swann

World's most advanced AI hydrogen ship

Excalibur, Merlin & Pendragon

Anti-piracy laser & taser weapons system

George Franks

Estate trustee


Advanced onboard Artificial Intelligence

Incubus™ & Replivator™ machines

High tech cloning & replicating equipment

Jack Mason

CIA contact, sometime double agent

Jill Bird

BBC news anchor, overseas services

John Storm


Julius Caesar

Roman general who loved Cleopatra

Kitty Kat (Katie)

Ships cat and mascot, who loves fishing

Marjorie Boyle

Backpacker/blogger, Trinidad

Mark Antony

Lover's suicide pact with Cleopatra

Professor Douglas Storm

Genius & great uncle to John Storm

Professor Jacques Pierre Daccord

UNESCO, subsea archaeology division

Sam Hollis

Reporter, Trinidad Bugle

Steve Green (Greeno)

Freelance investigative bloodhound

Suki Hall (Suzuki)

Marine biologist

US President Lincoln George Truman

Supreme commander US military

William Bates (Billy the Kid)

US computer genius & CyberCore Genetica







Adolf Hitler - (Circle of Six)

WWII 3rd Reich & reserve 4th Reich architect

Alexis Luther - Panama

The Panamanian running man, a replicant

Baron Heinrich Richthofen

Obsessed 4th Reich, Neo Nazi occultist

Erwin Rommel - (Circle of Six)

WWII Afrika Korps, Field Marshall

Franco Francisco

Italian scientist, cloning expert 

General Sir Rodney Dunbar

Head of MI6 human enhancement

Harold (Dirty Harry) Holland

Chief Constable, Scotland Yard

Hermann Göring - (Circle of Six)

WWII Luftwaffe Reichsmarschall

Husani Hassan

President elect of Egypt

Joseph Mengele - (Circle of Six)

WWII Nazi Dr. Human selective breeding expt.

Karl Donitz - (Circle of Six)

WWII Nazi submarine captain

Martin Borman - (Circle of Six)

WWII Nazi administrator/manager

Klaus von Kolreuter

Swiss scientist, human genome expert

Musa Bomani

Hired Egyptian tomb raider

Nicholas (Nick- The Devil) Johnson MP

UK Minister for Defence


Roman emperor waged war on Cleopatra

Roberto Ferrara

Italian spy Vatican & Interpol, double agent

Rudolf Kessler

Nazi Egyptologist/archaeologist

Safiya Sabuka

Isis worshiper, descendant of Cleopatra

Sergeant Shaun Flanagan

Police officer, Scotland Yard














Kulo Luna, the giant humpback whale, swims with the Elizabeth Swann



SEQUEL: The Elizabeth Swann is an explorers dream ship, fully equipped to detect underwater features and ocean life, and store that information. In the picture above, the giant humpback whale named Kulo-Luna swims alongside the ship, John Storm having saved the cetacean from being eaten by sharks.








JOHN STORM is captain of the Elizabeth Swann, a solar and hydrogen powered craft, that he likes race occasionally. The Elizabeth Swann is not only swift, but superbly equipped for scientific and ocean conservation tasks, such as archaeological surveys. The vessel also houses John's prized DNA archive, called The Ark, a useful reference tool.








DANGERMAN - No stranger to subsea rescues, John rescued Kulo Luna from certain death after the humpback whale became helplessly trapped in discarded fishing gear, her wound tainting the water with blood - as a calling card to all sharks in her location. When he is called to investigate looting of an archaeological site in the Mediterranean, he is more than keen to help.




Cleopatra - The Mummy - A John Storm adventure with the Elizabeth Swann






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