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The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities wished to greet and engage with Cleopatra at their museum in Cairo. Believing that she is their former queen reincarnated according to foretelling in their ancient religions. Cleopatra represents a walking, talking link to the past. A kind of living exhibit contrasted against their mummies, Jurassic Park fashion. As such, Cleopatra represents all things Egyptian, one of their most important national deities, and a living resource to be admired and studied.


The incumbent President of Egypt, Husani Hassan, took a different view. It occurred to him that the former Pharaoh might stake a claim to the Presidency, having been resurrected. Thus, triggering an election, where other contenders, would find it nigh on impossible to run against, in any effective campaign. And indeed, one such scenario he would not oppose, but rather support, where he very much admired Cleopatra and the ancient ways. President Hassan was thus truly concerned for the safety of the reincarnated deity, imagining a kidnap and ransom situation.


The media and medical scientists all wanted questions answered and to run tests for possible cures. It was a veritable scrum. Then somebody in Interpol leaked the story to the press, who at first did not believe a word of it. But then the, BBC Overseas Service got whiff of a Guardian reporter taking the rumors seriously as they'd been following other archaeological digs at Taposiris Magna, and the underwater explorations of Franck Goddio at Thonis-Heracleion, with quite a number of false starts, triggering Cry Wolf syndrome, where from that point nobody was believed.


Jill Bird asked Steve Green and Charley Temple to step in, creating a conflict of interest situation, where Charley felt beholden to John for rescuing her.


"Hello Steve." 


Is it morning already? Hi Jill." It was 7:30 by his bedside clock.


"Wondered if you'd heard about the so-called resurrection of a woman from mummy DNA?"


"Charley has mentioned it, very tight-lipped, and off the record by-the-way."


"Is there any truth in it?"


"As I said, she's not saying much at the moment. It has something to do with her research of drug money laundering and Nazi's up the Amazon. All a bit far fetched if you ask me."


"I'm inclined to side with Charley on this one Steve. Just in case. I hope you don't mind?"


"Not in the slightest. Charley does have a nose. So, how can I ... we, help."


"The Beeb will pick up the tab on this one, if you feed us first."


"Done," said Steve. "I'll float that upriver."


While the media cauldron was bubbling away, other parties were keen to corner the market, comprised of the British Ministry of Defence, the MOD, MI6 and the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) biological weapons divisions. They had other ideas. They did not want to share, and were not in the business of observing human rights, claiming that Cleopatra was not a human, but that dark forces had created her in connection with infiltration objectives, to challenge the dominance of their economies. If the Egyptians had known about this, they'd have created a special guard for their former queen.


General Sir Rodney Dunbar had been in communication with Nick Johnson, the UK's defence minister. Agreeing to let the US take the lead via the CIA. They'd had high value prisoners detained in this way, before Barack Obama began disassembling the torture camp at Guantánamo Bay. Those efforts were undone by President Trump, authorizing permanence of the facility, by way of a policy ping-pong. A high level power struggle.


"Hello Nick, Rodney here."


"Dunbar, what's the latest?"


"That DNA break in thing at the Yard. Now it's coming back to bite us."


"Yes, just a little. But we've got our exit strategy in place," said Sir Rodney. Is it agreed we'll let the CIA take over?"


"Ideal. But what about their human rights record?"


"Blind eye to the telescope old chap. I see no ships."


"Righto," replied the defense minister. "DARPA must be keen on this one. Really pushing all the buttons with our DSTL and PM. I have my instructions."


Arguments ran back and forward, fearful that Russia and even China would like to get their hands on the technology, for their New World Order; global financial assault. There were Covid 19 implications, they almost feared a cure for viruses. And they were right! What if Russia had superhuman replicants, clones or whatever variation of synthetic, enhanced human she was, judging by the Panamanian Running Man. They had to take control and prevent any other super power from getting their hands on the technology. Though at the moment, they were not even sure what that might be. The situation was tense.


Lord knows it was going to be difficult. Not one of their consortium of defense agencies knew much about such developments. Their efforts in this direction had all failed miserably. They'd been advised by their boffins that it was virtually impossible to successfully clone a human from old DNA. How then had this under funded Neo-Nazi cult succeeded. It beggared belief. Their scientists had tried and failed, many times.


The CIA's Jack Mason was ordered to step in, where he was the closest contact Storm might trust. He was ordered to smooth talk the Swann's skipper into allowing them access to his guest. Especially, as Jack knew of the special bond between John and Cleopatra, that he felt and showed - but could not explain. Jack knew about this but had not let on to his chiefs. He planned to exploit John's obvious concerns for the well-being of his guest.


DARPA's head, had to almost threaten Jack Mason, who did not want any part in it, but then DARPA told Jack his contact, John, would be able to visit Cleopatra every day. And it would only be for a week at most. On that basis, Jack was prepared to try and negotiate.


"Hello, Jack Mason calling Elizabeth Swann, come in. Over"


Hal need not have bothered, but: "John, a call for you from that nice Mr Mason"


"Thanks Hal, I'm on it. Hello Jack. What ails thee, friend from Langley?"


"John, the big brass have asked me to find out if it might be possible for our specialist doctors to give your guest a check up."


John was silent. Jack continued: "If you are amenable, they want to be sure that the lady is in good health and firing on all six cognitively. All expenses paid, and they are talking of a very sizeable contribution to a good cause of your choice, for inconveniencing your party."


John looked to Cleopatra. The reincarnated queen gestured to show she felt fine, with a shrug and hand gesture.


"Hold on Jack." John muted the mike.


The Swann was cruising the Mediterranean, en-route to Greece, Hal at the helm.


"Are you sure", said John to Cleopatra, his concern very much evident.


"Well, I must admit to feeling caught in a whirlwind of learning. The world now is so changed and exciting. So, yes, I am in a confused state."


"But if it's just to see doctors?" said John.


"Just a medical examination, so long as you are with me." Cleopatra beamed. "You are the only people I trust. Come to think of it, you are the only people I know in this modern age, who treat me as a person. And I unreservedly love this ship already, weapons or no. I love the water."


Dan smiled. Hal interjected, "Analysis of our guest's vocal communications and onboard sensors, indicate a high level of intelligence, problem solving and accelerated learning. Linked to metabolic pre-eminence."


Dan and John together, "I'd agree with that." John continued, except for the metabolic thing."


It was difficult for John to judge anything to be normal, when he was still undergoing physical changes, from his Amazon encounter.


"Hello Jack, are you there? Over."


"Yes buddy. What are your thoughts? Over."


"We were heading for Pireas. A sort of cultural prod. Then into the Aegean, to Thessaloniki. We could cancel and rendezvous somewhere convenient. Say Crete. Does that suit the medical team, and are they from the World Health Organization? Over."


"Not exactly, though they are a player." Jack parried the innocent assumption. "What are you plans after Greece? Over."


"Back to Egypt for a while. Though an oceanographer chum has requested the Swann for a survey of activity off Jamaica. Over." 


"Jamaica," said Jack, unable to contain himself.  "As I said, they'd cover all expenses, including a trans-Atlantic run. Both ways buddy. Over."


"Hold on again Jack."


"Cleopatra, how do you fancy seeing a New World first hand?"


She thought for a moment, then said, "I don't want to upset your schedule John, Dan, and you Hal. But I am thrilled to see familiar coasts. You have been so thoughtful. Thank you for making me feel so unconditionally welcome."


Dan chimed in, "why not complete a circuit of the Aegean, then if our guest feels comfortable, pop across The Pond."


Hal interjected, "it will be educational, watching progress on our instruments. Miss Cleopatra may find the West Indies culturally appealing."


Cleopatra thought for a few more moments. "As long as I'm with you John." She blushed a little, and so did John. "I love learning, and experiencing new things. The West Indies sounds intriguing." Cleopatra clasped John's right hand in both of hers, looking deep into his eyes. They both had a déjà vu moment, of somehow belonging together. "I like being on the water, and this boat ... it's incredible."


Dan felt a little awkward. Hal knew exactly what the attraction was.


"Jack, over."


"Hi buddy, over."


"If it's just a medical and I'm on hand. Over."


"We could give you the once over too John. I noticed you feeling a little unwell, and perspiring a lot in Egypt?"


John knew about the US military's human enhancement programmes and the DSTL's biological warfare laboratory, and was suspicious of any government in this regard.


"Let's just stay with a medical for Cleopatra. Over."


"Fine by me buddy. See you in Jamaica, Port Royal, in a couple of weeks I guess? Let me know when you get there. Over and out."


Hal chimed in, "thought you should know that the CIA are presently tracking us via satellite, John."


"Of course they are," responded Dan."


"We'll proceed with caution. We don't want to upset our cousins if we don't have to. You know how touchy they can get. Is that okay with everyone?"


Curious, Cleopatra asked, "what is a satellite?"


Dan explained, "it's like a bird flying very high in the sky, following us, and telling it's master where we are."


"Except it is a mechanical bird," said Hal.


"Talking of which, better let Charley know our new destination. Can you message her Hal?"


"Your wish is my command, John."


"Oh. And bring George up to speed at the same time, we may need his input. I smell a rat. And, plot a course to Port Royal, or what is left of it. So, that is Kingston."





Hal plots a course for Captain Nemo, from Athens to Kingston, some 5468 nautical miles



The route that the Elizabeth Swann would take to arrive at Kingston, some 5468 nautical miles through the Mediterranean Sea, across the North Atlantic Ocean, to the Caribbean Sea. They would pass through the rim of the traditional Sargasso Sea, where the giant brown floating algae has been known to snag small ship propellers.




"John. If you smell a rat, why are we going along with it?" questioned Cleopatra.


Because, if I'm right, we can take the fight to them. If I'm .... we, are wrong, no harm done. But if we don't figure this out now, and I, er, we, are right. They can hit us when we won't expect it, giving them the advantage."


Cleopatra thought for a while. John, Dan and Hal waited patiently. She paced the Swann's cabin for several minutes. Then finally said, "okay, so I'm, uhumm, we are bait to draw them out. Am I right?"


"That about sums it up. We are sitting ducks if we let them strike when we least expect it."


Hall chimed in, "we give them the benefit on the doubt, and allow them to reveal their true colors."


Dan interjected. "They want you Ms, and they want John and all the Nazi equipment they must know we have taken from Manaus. If they knew the capabilities of Hal, and that we helped you both, they'd want us eliminated."


"But that is only if we're right about their intentions," said John.


Cleopatra again paced the helm cabin with a concerned look on her classically attractive face. Finally she explained, "tactically, I agree we have very little option. First the Germanians, and now this CIA, that Jack works for, could be far worse. It is somewhat like the games I played when I was Queen of Egypt."


George Franks called on the radio. "George to Swann, over."


John rushed to the mike. "Swann to George. How's your day so far, blue. Over"


"Better scramble this one. Over." George switched to scramble mode.


Hal engaged at their end, they used an advanced random sequential algorithm, one hundred times more effective than the Enigma machine. "Okay skipper."


"John my boy, it does not bode well. Our contacts confirm that the Fourth Reich detainees captured in Egypt, are being tortured. Over"


"Jesus." John could not contain himself. So much for democracy and fair play, he thought to himself. "Does that mean we are next? Over."


"Reckon so my boy. Proceed with extreme caution. Record and cloud stream everything coded. If it goes pear shaped, we'll leak to the media. Good luck. Over."


"Thanks George. Over and out."


"Jesus," repeated Dan on catch-up.


"Who is Jesus? asked Cleopatra.


"Dan, we are going to need to pull out all the stops," said John. "Jesus, Miss Cleopatra, is a legendary figure, credited with preaching codes of high morality to all his followers, so compelling, that we now call anyone who is thoughtful and kind, being a Christian. After the Galilean preacher; Jesus Christ."


"Jesus Christ! Being Christian." Cleopatra, mulled out loud.


"Yes. The preacher was so influential that we number our years before Jesus, and after Jesus. A calendar system. The acronym BC means the number of years before the preacher - as in Before Christ, BC. And AD, means Anno Domini, Latin for ..."


“In the year of the Lord”, Cleopatra interjected.


"Yes, said John. "You were first born in the year 69 BC. Sixty-nine years before the preacher, 'Jesus Christ' was born."


Hal cut in, "biologically created. What a glorious day!" Cleopatra blushed.


"Okay Hal," said John, then after a short pause "yes, actually, a very happy day."


"That's kind of you," said Cleopatra, sharing a warm smile and soft eyes. "Now what about the ambush we are walking into?"


"Right. First, we need transmitters for all of us, so that Hal and George know where we are. They must be those shielded ones, coded to emulate radio waves from other devices as invisible carriers."


"I've worked out what those miniature circuits are John. The ones we er, 'liberated,' from Manuas."


"Uh, huh," said Cleopatra and John in unison.


"They are biological implants for the brain."


"What on earth for," said John. Astonished, but ready to believe anything, after all the high tech flying around.


"They communicate with the little 'CyberCore Genetica' wrist computer wirelessly."


"Uh, huh," nodded his audience, but not quite following the ramifications.


"Well to be more accurate, these tiny flexible chips, connect a human brain to the wrist computer, without all the clumsy headgear, gubbins, we 'liberated.' According to the scientific data we 'liberated,' it's an easy operation to attach to the occipital lobe of a brain."


"No." said John. "No way. I'm still adjusting from that Nazi serum. I can't stop eating nuts."


"You're adjusting!" Injected Cleopatra. "I've just been resurrected into a perplexing future world, like I've traveled through time!"


"Like Jesus on steroids," said Hal.


Cleopatra became even more curious about the mystical preacher. Everyone seemed to know about him, mentally noting for later that he'd been resurrected also. "I think these German scientists were very advanced. I'd wager sizably on it working."


"Okay. Okay, will it hurt?" said John.


"Apparently not," replied Dan. "A local anesthetic is applied to the skin."


Dan explained. "The human skull consists of 22 bones, not including the 7 inner bones, which are mostly connected by ossified joints, called sutures. The skull is divided into the braincase, called the neurocranium, and the facial skeleton; viscerocranium. The skull is designed - err rather - has evolved - to protect the most important organ in the body: the brain."

"Dan, can you do it?" said John impatiently.

Dan continued, un-phased, "the brain is almost entirely enclosed by the neurocranium with the exception of the foramen magnum and other foramina at the skull base which serve as entry and exit point for blood vessels and cranial nerves."

Cleopatra was fascinated by human biology, making to ask a question, but then subsided.

Dan resumed, "We drill a micro-hole in the occipital bone some twenty millimeters below the horizontal lambdoidal suture equidistant from each parietal bone, using this incredible tool." Dan held up a very small surgical instrument from a smart looking compact case. "Exhibit A." He pointed to the location described on the back of John's head.

"Then we insert the flexible micro-chip under the skull cap using this device. Exhibit B." Dan pointed to another instrument in the case. "Which unfurls itself. And all we have to do then is repair the piercing in the skull with this special calcine cement," he said, holding up a syringe, "that cures despite body fluids, sealing the drilling instantly, and the body absorbs the cement structurally, becoming part of John's skull. It's child's play. You may feel a throb for a couple of hours afterwards."

"Okay smarty pants, what powers the chip?"

"That's the other amazing feature Skip. It derives energy from your body chemistry. It has a kind of minature bio-battery built in. We connect the insertion tool to a small screen using an app for a mobile phone, for steerage."

Hal chimed in. "Brilliant! Presumably then the chip has micro tendrils that interface with the occipital lobe?"

"Exactly Hal. It seems that the brain is very receptive to certain triggers. It adapts quickly."

Convinced the operation had a chance of success, John clambered into the command chair, adjusting it fully forward. Head resting in his hands. "Come on then, boy wonder." John wanted to see if it would work. "I hope the operation is reversible?"

Not entirely surprised at John's spontaneity, Dan replied, "yes it is reversible. Cleopatra, will you assist me please?"

"Glad to Dan." All three had their curiosities aroused. Even Hal was enquiring.


With all four crew working together, including Hal, the operation took minutes. Hal monitored John's heart rate and breathing, displaying only slight variation on the ship's screens.


"Okay Skip, all done." 


"Really," said John. "I hardly felt anything. Are you sure?"


Then John felt a throbbing, and began to feel dizzy and confused. He reclined the command chair fully. Closed his eyes and relaxed.


The chip in his head had unfurled. The tendrils were interfacing with John's brain. He was reacting to the new stimulus, causing confusion as his brain adjusted. Hal could read all of this. 


Dan could only imagine what was happening, looking at John's vital signs on screen. John fell into a deep sleep, a natural defence and healing mechanism.


The CyberCore computer picked up the chip's signal, as the bio-battery powered up, synchronizing with the chip. The micro-tendrils extended, interfacing with John's occipital lobe. It was a staggering transformation and information exchange, that would get faster over the next few weeks, as the brain adapted. A kind of re-wiring, as the synapses hyper-learned and re-sequenced.


Dan and Cleopatra washed up and decided to grab a bite to eat, while their patient was recovering. They were both in mild shock, having performed their first medical procedure on another person. They were also a little worried.


A couple of hours later, John awoke with a start. He felt different. Relaxed, and somehow stronger; more confident.


"Hello captain," said Hal. "How are you feeling?"


"Hi Hal. That's the burning question. I'm not quite sure. I have a headache. More of a head throb, actually. But I could murder a Solar Cola and a steak with eggs and onions."


John headed for the galley, slightly unsteady on his feet for the first few steps.


He was greeted by big smiles and relief on the part of his companions.


"Take a seat John. What can I get you," asked Dan.


"I'm starving," replied John, admiring Cleopatra's beauty, afresh. He realised that he knew all about her history, the moment he looked at her enquiringly. Some of which was not particularly savory. But she was a different person now. Purified. Probably a little afraid of her past self.


Hal chimed in. "John needs a steak and a cola."


They all laughed and said together, "thanks Hal."


John continued, "I need more than that. To be precise I need BCAA's, a protein shake, vitamins, mineral supplements and 3 large bananas ..." He blurted that out without thinking. It was the CyberCore kicking in. "How did I know that? How long to Port Royal, Hal?"


But before Hal could reply, John already knew the answer. "Athens, Mediterranean, coordinates 37°56′31″N 23°38′10″E to Kingston, Caribbean 17°58′17″N 76°47′35″W is approximately 5468 nautical miles cruising at 15 knots, meaning fourteen and a half more days at sea. No need to push it."


"Wow," said Hal. I'm redundant."


"Not at all. You, meaning the ship of course, Hal, are equipped with the latest ocean instruments, and AI autonomous operating systems. But I take your point. I seem to have become a walking dictionary."


Dan rustled up the vitals that John needed to speed his recovery. 


As the days at sea passed, John continued with his unusual diet. He became smarter every day, as his brain became accustomed to accessing the CyberCore. Then, 5 days into the journey to Kingston, some way across the Atlantic, John discovered by accident that he could communicate with Hal just by thinking.


"Hello John. Did you just say I was a lifesaver?"


"No Hal, but I was just thinking it." 


"Well, I picked up your thoughts then. Can you understand me off speaker."


"Holy fuel cells. Yes I can. Did you just communicate that off speaker?"


"Yes skipper, I did. The CyberCore must have telecommunications built in. Something like a mini mobile phone with blue tooth, from your implant, to the computer on your wrist."


"Better be careful what I think then."


"For sure. There is probably a software firewall, that you need to learn to engage, to stop thoughts being transmitted to radio receivers.


"Uh hu," John was listening intently. This was serious. One slip up and the enemy would know his every action.


"This makes the little nano-computer much more valuable, John. Military all over the world will want to reverse engineer it. Like in the 'Terminator' films. Best not let them know about the bio-chip."


"Good idea Hal. We'd better give it the same security protections as the Ark."








John refuses to cooperate with any form of detention, as violation of all that is sacred in a democratic society. Does not share information of equipment they recovered from the Amazon. Charley agrees not safe to give this information to any of the stakeholders currently vying with each other to secure technology for military purposes.


Storm retains technology for own use, as protector of the natural world and guardian of world peace.





PROLOGUE    INNER CIRCLE OF SIX - Nazi funded medical human research laboratories Joseph Mengele's Fourth Reich escape to Brazil reserve plan.


CHAPTER 2.   WRATH OF THE GODS - The destruction of Thonis and Alexandria

CHAPTER 3.   NEW WORLD ORDER - A Neo-Nazi plan to regenerate Aryan supremacy

CHAPTER 4.   CYBERCORE GENETICA - Nano computer technology is purchased at an auction by a religious sect.



CHAPTER 7.   TREMORS - Cleopatra's tomb lay lost for centuries. Until a shift in the tectonic plates triggered a tremor off the coast of Alexandria.



CHAPTER 10. TOMB RAIDERS - Safiya Sabuka and Musa Bomani dive among sifting sands to discover precious artifacts and golden treasures.


CHAPTER 12. OPERATION ALEXANDRIA - Neo-Nazi occultists recover Cleopatra's sarcophagus from underwater tomb near Palace.

CHAPTER 13. KIDNAP - Charley is taken prisoner 

CHAPTER 14. UNESCO - Catholic Church fear grave desecration heritage theft, asks agencies for help. Interpol issue Red Notice.

CHAPTER 15. REPLICANT - The Society reproduce Cleopatra using Francisco's RepliVator™, uploading synapse sequence and implanted memories.

CHAPTER 16. FULL STEAM AHEAD - Storm speeds to Thonis, then uses the Swann's AI sensors and the Ark database to find tomb has been plundered.

CHAPTER 17. RITUAL SACRIFICE - The Baron prepares a drugged Cleopatra for ceremonial impregnation.

CHAPTER 18. SANCTUM INTERRUPTUS - John finds secret Nazi hideout near Alexandria, disturbs ritual - rescues Cleopatra, arresting conspirators.

CHAPTER 19. THE CHOSEN ONE - The reincarnated Cleopatra falls for her rescuer. John comes under her spell, despite her being a replicant.

CHAPTER 20. MILITARY INTERVENTION - The military detain Cleopatra to appease stakeholders, despite media & medical protests. Storm distraught.

CHAPTER 21. DÉJÀ VU - History repeats itself, military lock up technology as gross violation of human rights, John left disillusioned:  FINALE FOR NOW











CHAPTER 1.   THE POISON ASP - Overwhelmed by grief, Cleopatra poisons herself with a cobra bite in her mausoleum

CHAPTER 2.   WRATH OF THE GODS - The destruction of Thonis and Alexandria

CHAPTER 3.   NEW WORLD ORDER - A Neo-Nazi plan to regenerate Aryan supremacy

CHAPTER 4.   CYBERCORE GENETICA - Nano computer technology is purchased at an auction by a religious sect

CHAPTER 5.   INCUBUS - Franco Francisco accepts offer of employment from Roberta Ferrara

CHAPTER 6.   SPLICE - Klaus von Kolreuter perfects a method of gene manipulation

CHAPTER 7.   TREMORS - Cleopatra's tomb lay lost for centuries, until shift in the tectonic plates trigger tremor off the coast of Alexandria

CHAPTER 8.   PANAMANIAN RUNNING MAN - Marjorie Boyle videos exceptionally fast athlete, Sam Hollis investigates

CHAPTER 9.   AMAZON QUEEN - Elizabeth Swann navigating river and docking at Manaus

CHAPTER 10. TOMB RAIDERS - Safiya Sabuka and Musa Bomani dive among sifting sands to discover precious artifacts and golden treasures

CHAPTER 11. SCOTLAND YARD - London's secure DNA database is stolen

CHAPTER 12. OPERATION ALEXANDRIA - Neo-Nazi occultists recover Cleopatra's sarcophagus from underwater tomb near Palace

CHAPTER 13. KIDNAPPED - Charley is taken prisoner, John, Dan and CIA rescue her

CHAPTER 14. UNESCO - Catholic Church fear grave desecration heritage theft, asks agencies for help. Interpol issue Red Notice

CHAPTER 15. REPLICANT - The Society reproduce Cleopatra using Francisco's RepliVator™, uploading synapse sequence, implanted memories

CHAPTER 16. FULL STEAM AHEAD - To Thonis, then uses the Swann's AI sensors and the Ark database to find tomb has been plundered

CHAPTER 17. RITUAL SACRIFICE - The Baron prepares a drugged Cleopatra for ceremonial impregnation

CHAPTER 18. SANCTUM INTERRUPTUS - John finds Nazi hideout near Alexandria, disturbs ritual - rescues Cleopatra, arresting conspirators

CHAPTER 19. THE CHOSEN ONE - The reincarnated Cleopatra falls for her rescuer. John comes under her spell, despite her being a replicant

CHAPTER 20. MILITARY INTERVENTION - Military detain Cleopatra for stakeholders, despite media & medical protests. Storm distraught

CHAPTER 21. DÉJÀ VU - History repeats itself, military lock up technology as gross violation of human rights, John left disillusioned







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