D É J À   V U






CUBA, GUANTÁNAMO DETENTION CENTRE - The US military are well established in Cuba. They even have a McDonalds burger restaurant, convenient to a Naval helipad, to keep interrogators happy while they waterboard detainees without trial, and pull out their finger nails.








After all the dust settles, with all stakeholders battling for ownership of Cleopatra, and the Neo-Nazi replicating technology, the stakeholders various give in to US claims that they have the best capability to conduct medical, biological, and psychological tests, and thus preserve the high-tech biology, until a time when they have a better understanding of how to deal with it.


But, without the equipment that John confiscated from his Amazon raid, the current understanding of the technology eludes US, UK, and NATO scientists. The baffled bio-weapons divisions accept that the Nazis were light years ahead. The overzealous military interrogators at Guantánamo Bay, torture Klaus Kolreuter and Rudolf Kessler to death. The Baron Richthofen escapes, as does Franco Francisco, who both go into hiding. 


John, Dan and Charley consider that the behaviour of governments involved, is no better than the Nazi dictators who had aspirations to create a master race, that the allies fought in WWII to keep the world safe from eugenics fanatics.


History repeats itself. The powers that be, secretly decide amongst themselves to entomb Cleopatra as a potentially dangerous and useful specimen. They intend to put her on ice, in a watery grave, a cryogenic tomb as a modern sarcophagus, until they might have the technology to create super-humans for themselves as weapons, and fully understand the technology involved.


John uses his new intelligence and code cracking nano-computer to hack the corridors of power, finding out to his horror that he is being duped, and what is in reality being planned for Cleopatra.


The CIA, UNESCO and MI6, know they have been hacked and are powerless to prevent it happening again. They want Nanocomm's super computer for their own New World Order, of sorts. A world based on consumerism, the subtleties of financial slavery and unfair taxation, over freely admitted slavery.


The CIA and US military place a Catch or Kill order out on John Storm.


Knowing their every move John plans a daring raid on the secure establishment who are holding Cleopatra prisoner, taking the fight to them at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. 


Out of some misguided loyalty, John thinks to warn Jack Mason to stay out of his way. Thinks, literally, with his new ability to communicate.


"Jack." "John. Christ."


"Yes Jack. Christ has nothing to do with it. I'm in two minds. Do I take you out, or turn you over to the International Criminal Court?"


"I'm just a pawn John. A disposable asset - a pawn. I was duped and threatened if I did not follow orders. They lied to me."


"Anyone gets in the way, could end up in the Hague - captors - with their co-conspirators; if they are lucky. This is serious human rights shit. Convince me."


John was serious about HR violations, having visited Auschwitz and read Anne Frank's diary: Het Achterhuis (The Secret Annex).


"The big shots running this show include British Intelligence, NATO, and our own Advanced Projects Agency. I ran the risk of being retired - and I don't mean a pension. I was told the tests might take a little bit longer than you'd be happy with. To smooth things over. That's it. Blue Shield code of honour."


"Yuh. Real smooth ..... Jack, I want your absolute word on this - 'Blue Shield.' Stay out of it. Understood?"


"John. I'm gone. Unavailable. I want nothing to do with rotten eggs. Except if you need help from the inside."


"I'm counting on you Jack. But do me another favor - and yes - come back afterwards. The good guys are sure to come out shining. A reliable contact would be appreciated."


"What else can I say John. You already have my word of honour."


"Deal then. You're off my radar. Don't let me down."


In January of 2018, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order to keep the camp at Guantánamo Bay open indefinitely. Thus condoning torture and imprisonment without trial, in open violation of all that is sacred in a democratic, free society.





Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba



COLLABORATIVE DEVELOPMENT: The chapters of this story are published live for collaboration development purposes, with a sequence derived from the Chapters below, supplemented with other (unpublished) writings and/or illustrations as we progress. The final order for the proposed screenplay or graphic novel may be the subject of additional drafts to suit production of any movie (producers/directors/actors). To be in a position to gain an idea of style and potential box office, please request a copy of our Kulo-Luna (draft) screenplay. See our terms and conditions. The script version of these Chapters will not be published for a period, but will be available as with Kulo-Luna, on request.







GUANTÁNAMO BAY - Of serious international concern, because of the Human Rights violations that echo the Gestapo and Nazi Germany. This installation represents a challenge to John Storm. Except that John has access to the whole installation, cameras, staffing levels and positions. Thanks to the CyberCore nano-super-computer.




Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti, map of the Caribbean



ESCAPE ROUTE - Having neutralized the CIA's missile and drone attacks, the Elizabeth Swann cruises between the islands of Jamaica and Haiti.





Dusk fell, darkness shrouded the cost of Cuba. This is what John had been waiting for.


"Hal, full stealth mode, sea anchors, the works."




The hulls of the Swann were flooded, lowering the vessel into the water, so reducing the visible profile of the ship. Then the solar wings were tilted down as low as they could go below horizontal. Almost touching the surface of the sea. In this position, the vessel was invisible to radar. John guessed they'd have the camp looking out for intruders, while they had such a high value asset in captivity.


The Swann came in from the east, heading to Kittery Beach, panel on to the coastal sensors. 


"Hal, full actions stations. Let me know the moment you see any activity that gets in my way."




"I'll be coming in hot, with a guest. Dan, full support please."


"Nothing but. Suit and underwater scooter and scuba gear all ready."


John smiled at Dan. "Thanks Dan."


He pulled on a tight fitting dark coverall, then deftly slipped down the boarding hatch, into the surprisingly warm Caribbean waters, jetting to shore just below the surface, frogman style, with the help of the electric power scooter, and sub-aqua breather.


On reaching the shore, John scurried up to a weeded area, and stashed the scooter and breathing sets. Noting their position, for the return run.


The Elizabeth Swann is kept on standby in stealth mode, all hands on red alert, conveniently anchored offshore for a fast retreat.


John slices through the steel fence wire, gaining access to the compound, and rushes the CIA's safe house, disabling the military personnel one after the other with nylon cable ties, without inflicting any terminal casualties. He has access to all of their security cameras. It is almost too easy.


The night staff were caught completely off unprepared.


He goes through the guards like a knife through butter in Rambo, 'First Blood,' fashion. They do all they can to kill him. John is not only superhuman in terms of strength and speed, but is also wearing the lightweight aramid-kevlar composite, bullet-proof armour, captured from the Nazis in Brazil. He is Captain America for real, with Batman's suit - so no need for a shield. As long as he is careful and moves fast.


Cleopatra is located locked in a cell. John kicks the door in to effect a rescue. The frame gives way. Once inside, john sees that she is bruised and cut. But freed of her shackles, she can walk - just.


"You're doing good," he lied.


She gasps in relief. "My gladiator." Involuntarily shedding a tear of joy. John throws the slightly limp Cleopatra over his shoulder, for speed. She is still somewhat under the weather from being drugged, so gratefully accepts his help.


They head for the cut in the fencing. A guard has just found the breach and is about to call it in, when he sees stars and slumps to the ground. John crept up at high speed and hit him a powerful chop to the neck, then nylon cuffed him.


"Okay beautiful, time to get wet."


"I could do with a bath."


"I'm going to introduce you to a gadget that allows you to breathe underwater. Trust me?"


"That sound like magic, but I'm with you implicitly. 


John puts a demand valve in Cleopatra's mouth, halting her speech. "Just breathe as normal."


After a brief moment of familiarity, the Pharaoh queen sucks in through the uncomfortable mouthpiece. Finding she can breathe, though having to suck harder than normal; mechanically. 


"Don't try to talk. Just give me a thumbs up, if you are happy to go. It will be a short journey."


Cleopatra had no idea what 'go' meant, but she waved a thumb in the air.


"I'll need to borrow the mouthpiece occasionally, but I will give it back to you, to catch your next breath. It's called buddy breathing. You have to trust your buddy. A 'buddy' is a very, very, good friend. Your life depends on them, and they on you."


Cleopatra nodded, not fully understanding. But she liked John.


"So, we are now buddies, and here we go." 


John grinned, knowing she'd feel some disorientation. Cleopatra noted the grin and braced herself. John carried her again, walking into the sea crouched somewhat, also carrying the water scooter.


Then he launched them both, and dived below the sea surface. Cleopatra's mumbles were lost in the bubbles, as they whooshed along silently. John grabbed the demand valve from Cleopatra. She let go. He took a couple of good breaths, then handed in back. She clamped her mouth onto it, gratefully. Suddenly realising that while she had the demand valve, he did not.


John steered to the Elizabeth Swann, using his all singing and dancing diving watch. A minute and a half later, Cleopatra pushed the demand valve into his mouth. John grabbed her tighter, to say thanks. She squeezed back.


Again he breathed deep, then returned the mouthpiece. He could see the Swann as a blur, so surfaced to come in on the stern. John hauled Cleopatra up the boarding ladder, urging her to climb.


They both ended up on the open rear deck, laughing. Very wet and now a bit cold.


"Hal, take her out to sea please. As quick as you can. Stealth mode."


"Okay skipper," replied the unswerving AI. "All haste and as silent as a cat wearing socks on a velvet carpet."


"Quick, let's get into some dry clothes, said John to Cleopatra."


"Thank you John, that was some ride. But not the kind of bath I had in mind."


Helpfully, Dan came to their rescue with two insulated, breathable one piece sailing suits.


"Dan, you marvel, you."


Cleopatra was shivering. John toweled her off, then gave her a big warm-up hug. Well done you marvel, you. "Now get into this quickly, and have something to eat and drink."


The Elizabeth Swann sailed away from Cuban waters in stealth mode, her hull low in the water, hoping to find a remote island location where Cleopatra might be safe. She had been tortured, physically and mentally, but the lovers were once again united. For now. John would have to be smarter from now on.


True to form, the US military try to track and hack the Elizabeth Swann, ready to take the ship out with a single missile. John is forced to use his supercomputer to plant a virus, with the grateful assistance of Dan Hawk.


"Dan, can we link the CyberCore to Hal?"


"I can try. Why?"


"Hope I'm wrong, but almost for sure they'll try to take us out. I am picking up messages to that effect - and the hack more or less confirms it."


"You can't be serious," said Dan, with a puzzled look on his face.


"These boys play rough where homeland security is involved, at presidential level."


Dan knows John is right. Feverishly, he links the CyberCore wristwatch to Hal. Their lives depend on it.


As the link goes live Hal chimes in, "Wow, what a rush."


John and Dan laugh. John knows exactly what Hal has just experienced. Dan can only guess from seeing John go cold turkey on their way back to the Mediterranean, and afterwards, where John became a walking dictionary, with feeds from anywhere he is thinking about.


With Hal's new hacking abilities, Dan plants a virus to disable NORAD's firing and targeting systems, "that should give them something to think about."


Hal was already the most advanced AI money could buy, but with Nanocomm he was turbocharged to the ying-yang. He, could become she when it suited. But the crew preferred he for now.







STEALTH MODE - Stealth mode helps the Elizabeth Swann get close to Guantánamo Bay camp, but not to evade missiles approaching from high above. If it was not for the quick thinking of John Storm, and technical prowess of Dan Hawk, they would have been toast.





True to form, the US fire a missile at the Elizabeth Swann.


"Incoming," said Hal, and directs the airborne threat back to a deserted section of the US military base, where the detonation all but levels the installation.


Another is fired, and deflected.







MISSILE ATTACK - Having rescued Cleopatra, the CIA make an unauthorized attack on the Elizabeth Swann. Dan connects the CyberCore super computer to the onboard AI, Hal, who is then able to hack NORAD, and re-program the missiles to target un-occupied buildings at Guantánamo Bay.





John made an urgent call to Jack Mason. "Jack, what the  - in hell is going on. Did you know they were going to freeze Cleopatra?"


"No John, it's not me, our chief seems to have lost the plot. You are the fall guy, and I'm for the chop for helping you. They want you dead. Out of the equation. It's Jason Bourne time."


'Dead men tell no tales,' thought John to himself. "Okay Jack. Be cool."


Jack is cut off. He knows John is about to do something radical.


John hacks into NORAD, appearing on the screens at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs. "Gentlemen, if you try that again, you'll be the next target."


The station base feigns ignorance. "Don't give me that, we're tracking two Raptors coming from the north."


Off mike John lets off steam. "Jeeze," John looks to Dan. "I'm a pacifist. This cannot be happening."


Back on mike, "we're waiting." The two Raptor drones sent out to attack again were rapidly recalled, changing course to head back to base. "Confirmed returning to base."


Hal thanked US Defense Command. "Thank you for complying." They base does not respond.


At USAF Peterson, the top brass wondered how the crew of the Swann would know their Raptors were turned back, so far out. They are forced to call the President to advise that their security network is breached. 


"Mr President, this is Lieutenant General Taft, calling to advise of an abortive attempt to sink a civilian ship in the Caribbean."


"Pardon. Could you repeat that please Lieutenant Taft? Very slowly please"


"Mr President, we fired a missile at a ship called the Elizabeth Swann, believed to be involved in a covert operation to undermine our national security."


"Then how did you miss, and how is it that I was not asked to authorize?"


"Well, er, um."


"This is not an 'um' issue Lieutenant. Speak plainly please."


"Er, well Mr President, a vigilante broke into Guantánamo Bay and took a detainee. Making off in a civilian vessel."


"Who is the detainee and why is that camp still there?"


"I don't know sir. I'm told the detainee is a dangerous human clone, a potential military weapon, who was being debriefed."


A clone? That made no sense. The President took the unprecedented step, deciding to hail the Elizabeth Swann in person.


"Patch me into that feed General Taft. Who is this guy again?" 


"His name is John Storm, and he's on the Elizabeth Swann," responded the Lieutenant General.


"President Lincoln Truman calling the Elizabeth Swann. Come in Elizabeth Swann."


Hal took the call. "Thank you President Truman. Confirmed identity. Patching you through." "John, the US President wants a chat."


"Really, Hal?"


"Yes captain; really." John and Dan looked over at the recovering Cleopatra, who was dozing off in a, now, fully reclined helm seat.


"This may take some explaining," quipped Dan.


"John Storm, Mr President. Is this about your missiles?"


"Hello Mr Storm. Please tell me what you want from us?"


"Mr President, we don't want anything from your country, but to be left alone.


"Copy that. But who were you taking from Guantánamo Bay?"


John and Dan are puzzled. Why would they keep this stuff from their Commander in Chief?


"Sir, if you are not in the loop, we are grateful for your intervention. We rescued a woman from extremists in Egypt, then she was kidnapped by your military or CIA, or both - we think. To be tortured and possibly frozen."


"Uh, huh. Who is this woman, and why is she such a security risk?"


"Sir, you may find this hard to swallow, but we believe she is a clone, er, descendent, of Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt."


"Right. You did just say clone?"


"That I did sir."


"Have you any proof of that?"


"Funny you should ask. Yes, we seized a cache of cloning equipment from a former Neo-Nazi laboratory near Manaus. Sir, we've seen a man running at over 30 miles per hour, and I fought him. He is a DNA enhanced clone. Now I'm infected somehow, and am three or four times stronger than I was, and he was beating the crap out of me. We saved the woman from an occult ceremony, and we know the sect had recovered a mummy from near Alexandria." John blurted that out.


"Are you saying the woman is a clone from a mummy!"


"Hard to believe, sure. Sounds crazy even, but all verifiable." There was a long pause. A very long pause.


John broke silence, "Mr President, are you there?"


"Damn right. It sounds impossible, implausible at best. How did you avoid the missiles, and whose mummy was it?


"Oh dear," said Dan.


"Er, well, Mr President, you won't like the sound of this. But we also recovered a very powerful computer that can hack your military machines and take control of your air strikes. We were only defending ourselves, Sir. Or, we'd not be having this conversation. But we are friendlies, and some faction of your secret service seems to want the technology for themselves, unless you gave the kill order, Mr President? "


"I most certainly did not." The President was hastily reading the result of a search on John Storm. On seeing the media report of him scaling The Shard in London, he allowed himself a wry smile.


President Truman turns to his aides off mike, "why haven't we hired this guy?"


John continued. "We didn't believe that for a moment. Then sir, Mr President, you may have a rogue element in the mix, or may have been infiltrated by Russian or Chinese spies, or drug warlords. Or some such permutation."


"Mr Storm, John, I'm just reading about your exploits. You seem to check out. Far fetched though your story may be. I'm willing to take at least some of it on good faith."


"Thank you Mr President."


"Now John, who is the mummy?"


"Sir, we believe the mummy is, or was, the long lost Cleopatra."


The President spluttered in disbelief, "no shit! And I'm Mickey Mouse. Okay John, that's one heck of a stretch. I'll come back on that one."


The President regained his composure. "Okay. Wowzer. But, I must insist détente in on the proviso that you won't attack US soil with our own missiles. Is that clear John, Mr Storm?"


"Goes without saying. But please will you do me something in return?"




"Sir, with respect, something is not right in your camp. Please, take a moment to investigate. For your own protection. You don't have to worry about us. Our agenda is echoed in your own policies, Sir. We are brothers in arms, but if fired upon by a rogue faction, we have the right to defend ourselves. If fired on first."


"Mr Storm, John, that is accepted. Is there any chance that the United States might purchase this super computer legitimately?"


John gave a considered reply, "not unless we could be absolutely sure that a scoundrels in the ointment could not gain control, and perhaps sell to a foreign power. And, with respect Mr President, you did not know about this incident until they were forced to bring it to your attention."


"Hmmmm. You have a point there Storm. It may be safer with you for now. If, your AI is as potent as you are leading me to believe."


"Mr President, I can only tell you what I have seen for myself. But, as I say, we are brothers in arms."


"So it seems. But I can't promise anything either, other than proceeding in good faith. I have a duty as President of the United States, to take precautions. That may include ensuring your protection, as far as that goes. Let's agree to leave it there for now. Stay safe, we may need you."


"Understood Mr President."


"To be clear, when I say 'we' may need you, I mean, I may need you. And that is between us."


"Understood Mr President. My crewmate and AI just heard that - so it is between us. Dan is more pure that I am Sir. Our AI is ultra dependable Sir."


On screen, Hal salutes.


John turns to Dan, a big smile on his face. "How's our patient doing?"


"Sleeping like a baby. Pure?" 


"Remarkable. You?" 


"I'm a nervous wreck."


"Yes pure, as in less tainted by life. Take a break.  Hal, I'm shot too, better keep a weather eye open for us, just in case."


The computer image of Hal on screen, winked. "Affirmative."


The Elizabeth Swann leisurely continued on a heading south away from Cuba, then south-south-west heading past the Navassa Island National Wildlife Refuge, through the Caribbean sea, between Jamaica and Haiti.


John reposed in an extremely ergonomic helm chair, dozed off, finally falling into a deep REM sleep.


While the crew were resting, Hal was hailed by Blue Shield International. Tremors had been recorded in the Caribbean, with Jamaica uncomfortably close to indications of the epicenter, of an earthquake similar to the one that sank Port Royal in 1692.


As these were only rumblings, Hal did not consider them important enough to wake the crew from their slumbers.







He and John agree, to cooperate, as far as he can officially as the President of the United States of America. John refuses to allow the US access to the CyberCore nano-computer, despite being offered $Billions of dollars. President Linc Truman agrees to call off the dogs, and offer John more assurances.


UNESCO arrange for the CIA to agree to return the stolen mummy of the Egyptian Queen, to Cairo. Where their Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities graciously accept the find of the century. They agree to place Cleopatra VII's mummy on display for a wowed public, oblivious to the espionage machinations behind the scenes. There are extraordinary levels of security at the Museum of Antiquities and a great fanfare attaching to the opening ceremony, the increase in protections arising from the theft of Cleopatra from her resting place in Aboukir Bay, and the ever present threat of another secret society deciding to reincarnate the dead. What is dead should stay dead, in the afterlife. That includes dinosaurs.


But there was no mention of John Storm, Dan Hawk or the Elizabeth Swann, as being the heroes who saved the day. There was no mention of Cleopatra being replicated - alive and well.





Map of the Caribbean Sea, showing the Greater and Lesser Antilles.






PROLOGUE    INNER CIRCLE OF SIX - Nazi funded medical human research laboratories Joseph Mengele's Fourth Reich escape to Brazil reserve plan.


CHAPTER 2.   WRATH OF THE GODS - The destruction of Thonis and Alexandria

CHAPTER 3.   NEW WORLD ORDER - A Neo-Nazi plan to regenerate Aryan supremacy

CHAPTER 4.   CYBERCORE GENETICA - Nano computer technology is purchased at an auction by a religious sect.



CHAPTER 7.   TREMORS - Cleopatra's tomb lay lost for centuries. Until a shift in the tectonic plates triggered a tremor off the coast of Alexandria.



CHAPTER 10. TOMB RAIDERS - Safiya Sabuka and Musa Bomani dive among sifting sands to discover precious artifacts and golden treasures.


CHAPTER 12. OPERATION ALEXANDRIA - Neo-Nazi occultists recover Cleopatra's sarcophagus from underwater tomb near Palace.

CHAPTER 13. KIDNAP - Charley is taken prisoner 

CHAPTER 14. UNESCO - Catholic Church fear grave desecration heritage theft, asks agencies for help. Interpol issue Red Notice.

CHAPTER 15. REPLICANT - The Society reproduce Cleopatra using Francisco's RepliVator™, uploading synapse sequence and implanted memories.

CHAPTER 16. FULL STEAM AHEAD - Storm speeds to Thonis, then uses the Swann's AI sensors and the Ark database to find tomb has been plundered.

CHAPTER 17. RITUAL SACRIFICE - The Baron prepares a drugged Cleopatra for ceremonial impregnation.

CHAPTER 18. SANCTUM INTERRUPTUS - John finds secret Nazi hideout near Alexandria, disturbs ritual - rescues Cleopatra, arresting conspirators.

CHAPTER 19. THE CHOSEN ONE - The reincarnated Cleopatra falls for her rescuer. John comes under her spell, despite her being a replicant.

CHAPTER 20. MILITARY INTERVENTION - The military detain Cleopatra to appease stakeholders, despite media & medical protests. Storm distraught.

CHAPTER 21. DÉJÀ VU - History repeats itself, military lock up technology as gross violation of human rights, John left disillusioned:  FINALE FOR NOW













CHAPTER 1.   THE POISON ASP - Overwhelmed by grief, Cleopatra poisons herself with a cobra bite in her mausoleum

CHAPTER 2.   WRATH OF THE GODS - The destruction of Thonis and Alexandria

CHAPTER 3.   NEW WORLD ORDER - A Neo-Nazi plan to regenerate Aryan supremacy

CHAPTER 4.   CYBERCORE GENETICA - Nano computer technology is purchased at an auction by a religious sect

CHAPTER 5.   INCUBUS - Franco Francisco accepts offer of employment from Roberta Ferrara

CHAPTER 6.   SPLICE - Klaus von Kolreuter perfects a method of gene manipulation

CHAPTER 7.   TREMORS - Cleopatra's tomb lay lost for centuries, until shift in the tectonic plates trigger tremor off the coast of Alexandria

CHAPTER 8.   PANAMANIAN RUNNING MAN - Marjorie Boyle videos exceptionally fast athlete, Sam Hollis investigates

CHAPTER 9.   AMAZON QUEEN - Elizabeth Swann navigating river and docking at Manaus

CHAPTER 10. TOMB RAIDERS - Safiya Sabuka and Musa Bomani dive among sifting sands to discover precious artifacts and golden treasures

CHAPTER 11. SCOTLAND YARD - London's secure DNA database is stolen

CHAPTER 12. OPERATION ALEXANDRIA - Neo-Nazi occultists recover Cleopatra's sarcophagus from underwater tomb near Palace

CHAPTER 13. KIDNAPPED - Charley is taken prisoner, John, Dan and CIA rescue her

CHAPTER 14. UNESCO - Catholic Church fear grave desecration heritage theft, asks agencies for help. Interpol issue Red Notice

CHAPTER 15. REPLICANT - The Society reproduce Cleopatra using Francisco's RepliVator™, uploading synapse sequence, implanted memories

CHAPTER 16. FULL STEAM AHEAD - To Thonis, then uses the Swann's AI sensors and the Ark database to find tomb has been plundered

CHAPTER 17. RITUAL SACRIFICE - The Baron prepares a drugged Cleopatra for ceremonial impregnation

CHAPTER 18. SANCTUM INTERRUPTUS - John finds Nazi hideout near Alexandria, disturbs ritual - rescues Cleopatra, arresting conspirators

CHAPTER 19. THE CHOSEN ONE - The reincarnated Cleopatra falls for her rescuer. John comes under her spell, despite her being a replicant

CHAPTER 20. MILITARY INTERVENTION - Military detain Cleopatra for stakeholders, despite media & medical protests. Storm distraught

CHAPTER 21. DÉJÀ VU - History repeats itself, military lock up technology as gross violation of human rights, John left disillusioned






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