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         John Storm and Dan Hawk under attack from the US CIA, take evasive action to avoid the missiles intended to kill them




THONIS-HERACLEION was Egypt’s greatest port for much of the first millennium B.C. before Alexander the Great established Alexandria in 331 B.C. Then around 365 A.D. both cities vanished beneath the Mediterranean sea, hiding the location of Queen Cleopatra's tomb - confounding archaeologists - until now. 


REINCARNATION - Using the latest technology in super-computer genome mapping and digital DNA splicing, a group of scientists looking for the cure for cancer reincarnate Cleopatra VII, John Storm having found and recovered her sarcophagus from its watery tomb. The resurrected Queen has to mesh with the modern world she's been reborn into. But the CIA plot to steal the technology that brought the reborn Pharaoh back to life, to advance their military capabilities. Neither had reckoned on John Storm and his crew.





In this work of fiction, we accept the historical convention, that Cleopatra VII was of Macedonian descent, agreed, that nobody can say for certain if there was racial mixing in a time of confused lineage, or not, and that is also acknowledged. The fact remains that Cleopatra was accepted as the Pharaoh Queen in a culture that demanded respect for tradition - and Cleopatra was regarded as the goddess Isis. We remain neutral, awaiting greater clarification, as no doubt most of us wish for. Hoping perhaps, that one day we may discover her remains to resolve the riddle. We should remember that Humans (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) developed from, Home Erectus, Homo Habilis, etc., known from DNA analysis to have emanated from Tanzania, Olduvia Gorge, held by archaeologists all over the world to be the cradle of life, along with Gauteng Province, South Africa (World Heritage Sites) the cradle of humankind - not the cradles of civilization. From where species differentiation began with geographical and political influence to create cultures both wonderful and varied, as humans migrated to populate the earth. The continent of Africa is inclusive, as is Egypt, in the (multi-racial) African continent.


We hope not to offend, in the 'reincarnation' method we portray using modern technology - rather than resurrection, as in films like 'The Mummy.' Our objective is to entertain (what if), by introducing cloning technology (that exists in reality) as a possibility, much like in Jurassic Park, Blade Runner, and other movies, that also include the prospect of such replication as part of their storyline. The emphasis being on fictional entertainment, rather than documentary portrayal; as in the Netflix docu-series, presently the subject of much debate, Vs Zahi Hawass documentary in rebuttal. On the 10th of May 2023 BBC's Nyasha Michelle interviewed Adele James as to the controversy. Youtubers went into overdrive on the subject, much of which is illuminating, in between the shouts. Subject to uncovering fresh documentary evidence, to resolve the controversy as to Cleopatra VII's mother, we need to find her remains. John Storm's search and discovery is fictional. Bring on the archaeologists.









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C L E O P A T R A ' S   M U M M Y


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