Franco is keen to replicate Cleopatra, since she joined with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, his countrymen








Franco Francisco is the Italian scientist who invented the artificial womb (Incubus), that enables rapid development of an embryo from a fertilized egg in a mechanical surrogate mother; or cloning oven, to put it plainly. This impressed Baron Richthofen and Klaus Kolreuter.


Franco is short and stout with an Italian complexion. He speaks fluent German and Portuguese, as second and third languages. He gesticulates a lot and easily gets excitable. Though he is working on this.


He is dedicated to improving medicine, even if it means selling his technology to the highest bidder. He eventually hopes to break free and give his innovations to the world of medicine.


But right now, he needs to be working with other experts in his field, and human cloning is illegal in many countries - with reliable funding being very hard to come by. Meaning that he has little choice but to work with the Nazi and Occultist fanatics. He suspects that he is not alone with this.


His next breakthrough is more connected with replication, bypassing the long gestation and growing periods inherent in current cloning technique - that every biology student and their dog can manage. He has advanced cloning way past his artificial womb. He can now grow mature humans from specially prepared samples. This has not been achieved before, though growing replacement body parts is commonplace, they are not generally, full body biological implants.


The secret to making a replicant is in the preparation of the tissue samples cultivated from cloning.  His 'Replivator' is a giant biological incubator, rather than an automatic womb. It is several times the size and complexity of his 'Incubus.' For which he needs a continuous stream of funds - such as not to jeopardize his creativity with side issues.


Franco is aware of the impediment to Dr. Hwang Woo-Suk's pioneering work, that faltered as he fought for recognition - so draining his energies.







... ...

John Storm


Dan Hawk

Electronics wizard & 2nd mate E. Swann

Charley Temple

Adventurous researcher & cameraman

George Franks

Estate trustee

Professor Douglas Storm

Genius & great uncle to John Storm

Suki Hall

Marine biologist

Steve Green (Greeno)

Freelance investigative bloodhound

Abdullah Amir

Middle eastern marine captain

Jill Bird

BBC news anchor, overseas services

Sam Hollis

Reporter, Trinidad Bugle

Marjorie Boyle

Backpacker/blogger, Trinidad

Jack Mason

CIA contact, sometime double agent



Cleopatra, last Pharaoh queen of Egypt reborn

The reincarnated Mummy

Franco Francisco

Italian scientist, cloning expert 

Klaus von Kolreuter

Swiss scientist, human genome expert

William Bates (Billy the Kid)

Californian computer genius

US President Lincoln George Truman

Supreme commander US military

General Sir Rodney Dunbar

Head of MI6 human enhancement

Harold (Dirty Harry) Holland

Chief Constable, Scotland Yard

Nicholas (The Devil) Johnson MP

UK Minister for Defence

Sergeant Shaun Flanagan

Police officer, Scotland Yard

Husani Hassan

President elect of Egypt

Baron Heinrich Richthofen

Obsessed 4th Reich, Neo Nazi occultist

Musa Bomani

Hired Egyptian tomb raider

Safiya Sabuka

Isis worshiper, descendant of Cleopatra

Rudolf Kessler

Nazi Egyptologist/archaeologist

Alexis Luther - Panama

The Panamanian running man, a replicant

Ahmed Saleh - Port of El Dekheila

Fisherman who finds location Cleopatra's tomb










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